Thursday, July 6, 2017

April was THE month for excitement

April was an exciting and life changing month for our little family. Our first grandchild was born. Mikel was set to be induced April 5.  Her mother had come up to stay for a month.  We were both invited to be with her at the hospital.  Here she is getting settled in.
Meeting the nurse and getting started.
She was told to rest and immediately these two parents to be fell asleep!
She got started on the pitocin and started having some contractions.
The incubator was ready and waiting for the new arrival.
The ruptured her membranes and then the heavy labor started right away.  She isn't looking nearly as happy as Daddy to be! Unfortunatly, after about 4 hours of heavy labor, she wasn't progressing at all.  Apparently the baby was "sunny side up" and pressed against her cervix not allowing the birth canal to open up and a c section was suggested.  Everyone agreed and then it all happened pretty quickly.
Talon got suited up to join her in the OR and Jessica and I stayed behind. 
20 minutes later, Talon arrived with little Jaxon Brett Goon.  It was such a special overwhelming moment for us all and in that instant our lives were changed for the better. 
Mikel joined us shortly after and the first family photo was taken.  She was still a bit groggy from the meds, but was a trooper in wanting in on all the action of her new baby. 
What a precious moment holding and meeting my first grandchild.
He was checked out and poked and prodded, but came through just fine and was healthy as ever.

Mikel wanted them to have skin to skin contact with in those first few hours, so Talon got to be part of that.
The next day, uncles and aunts and grandpa's came to meet the little champ.  Tanner was smitten
As was Cynjyn.  What a tine precious bundle of joy!
He even opened his eyes for Grandpa!
Unfortunatly, after a day, he was loosing weight and a little dehydrated, so he had to spend a day in NICU.  Either Talon or Mikel was with him at all times and it was an exhausting few days, but he came through it fine and was back on track by the time he could be released.
I told Talon to take photos in the delivery room because it would be important later on and he did!  Here he is minutes old.
Here he's meeting mom for the first time.
We are so greatful that everything went well and in the end we had a healthy momma and baby!  Now the fun really begins...

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