Saturday, November 1, 2008

The adventure called Trunk or Treat:

Lawson, Taz and Sean
Taz Shae and Will

Kim and Garry

We all decided to dress up for Trunk or Treat. At zero hour, even mom decided to join in. So we rummaged and found her bag lady attire. Her big plan was to go around at T or T as a senile old bag lady who just happened upon our little party. She got there and wondered around begging candy off people and kids. She would cozy up to a kid and say "Do you have any candy, I love candy, can I have some candy" She got really weird looks. She went up to an older kid and said: "I love candy, but they won't let me play the games, can you win me some candy?", the freaked out kid said yes. She went up to the dinner table and one of the ladies (Sister Hoopes) was serving hot dogs and nachos and she introduced herself to mom and asked if she wanted some dinner, mom said "yes" in her senile voice and proceeded to pick up a wiener off the ground that someone had dropped, picks it up right in front of Sis. Hoopes and starts to eat it. Sister Hoopes comes unglued and says: :"No, no, you don't have to eat that, here I'll give you some nachos" and proceeded to pile on the cheese and chili. She stayed in character all night and would follow Cynjyn around asking her for candy and finally Cynjyn said: "Grandma, stop that your scaring me" Grandma just asked for more candy, so Cynjyn said: "Seriously Grandma, you're really scaring me, please stop!" Everytime Taz saw her, he just tucked his candy bag under his arm and ran in the opposite direction. Mom had the best time and was laughing all night about her adventures. (Krissy, think of that poor starving Russian woman in your high school video and that was the "role" she was taking on!!) Anyway, we had fun and we actually won best car decorated, but I didn't take a picture of just the car, the closest you'll get is Garry and I in front of it.

Rebecca and Cynjyn posing with the Bag Lady


Just Too Swift said...

I love that story! The hot dog part is the best. Hahahaha! I wish I'd been there to see your Mom. Scaring poor Cynjyn--that's pretty bad! :o) Sounds like a missed a really fun Trunk or Treat. Darn!

kc and k said...

Oh No She Didn't!!!

Ron said...

Halloween is a great release that allows us, "normal" mature, level-headed adults to act young again. I loved the story!

gwen said...

It was fun! And, yes, I am a little crazy sometimes! Kim forgot a picture of dad in his 50's Nerd costume...can you guess what it was?

gwen said...

Ooooh, glad I wasn't there :) (just kidding). Where's the video of that to scare Kres?