Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas and family

We had company come into town on the 20th of December. We were so excited. Mom and Dad and Ky, Clay, Kresimir and Beckham arrived Thursday night while Garry and I were at Taz's band concert.  They brought a gift for Cynjyn from Krissy (a late bday present), Harry Styles incase anyone doesn't recognize him!  She loved it. 
Garry got a new TV for Christmas, a 3d one and so the men had to help him put it up. 
We went light seeing that weekend.  It was coooold, but still we had fun dancing to the moving light show on Robindale.  Cynjyn wasn't with us because she was at the McCracken's party.  I heard they may or may not be a video of me and mom doing Gangham style!
A lot of time was spent dancing to Just Dance 4.  The boys were especially good at the boy dances.

Rob, Jodi and Trey showed up for the LV bowl and spent a few hours with us each day.  That was fun!
We went to Quiver Point and walked the neighborhood looking at it's glory.  Cynjyn found her favorite Dori!
Taz was at a party at Shae's that night, so he didn't go with us.
Cynjyn had a blast tormenting him that he missed his favorite team ever!  She texted him these pictures of her with some Patriots.

It was a fun night.
We played a lot of cards, mostly hand and foot that takes forever.  Beckham would quietly sit at the little table and play and eat oranges while we played the big people games.
A game was recieved on Christmas eve.  I believe Kres got it.  Some sort of lying game and these four played it a lot!  Talon and Cynjyn especially loved the little noses you had to wear.
Taz was the first one up on Christmas morning.  He was sleeping in our closet and tried to go out at 5 am.  I stopped him since Grandma was asleep in the Christmas room.  I felt bad, so I let him go out at 5:45 and I joined him.  Talon arrived at 7 am and we opened presents, then had breakfast.  All too soon and just like that, the gloriousness of Christmas was over.  Garry and Talon immediatly fell asleep. Tanner poured into his new Buffy graphic novel and Taz was busy trying to master his Kendama.
Cynjyn loved her life size Harry! 
Taz's favorite gifts were his Kendama and his papasan chair.
Tanner played Pokemon with Kres and Kres's new cards. 
He also enjoyed a nap in the papasan chair with his new raccoon ear buds and raccoon pillow.
A few days after Christmas, mom bought me these chairs for my living room.  That was my Christmas present.  I love them.
Cynjyn posed with her new shirt, wallet necklace and belt.  She was feeling quite stylish!
Grandpa grossed everyone out by eating the turkey heart, liver and gizzard on Christmas Day.
A lot of cuddling was done in the papasan chair.
We had prime rib and turkey for Christmas day dinner.  It was a royal feast.
We had it buffet style and the island became the kids table, it came in quite handy.
Taz LOVED his Kendama and hasn't stopped playing with it since.  He can always be found with that thing in his hand and he's getting pretty good at it.

Did I mention we played A LOT of cards.
The day after Christmas, the kids had a temple trip.  It was to do baptism's for the dead.  It would be Cynjyn's first time.  Garry and I decided to go to.  So the 5 of us went up there.  We went with all family names and it was an awesome feeling to be in the temple with them and to be doing personal family work.  I am proud of all of them for spending a day of their vacay in the temple.
Did I mention a lot of cuddling took place in the papasan chair?
Alas, the company left on the 27th after being here a week.  I was ready to take Christmas down and Taz and Cynjyn were big helpers.

I also got a new lamp for my paino from Mom and Dad.
The tree came down and my new living room furniture was put into place.  It was a great Christmas and even more special was sharing it with family who drove all the way down here. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is it December already?

December was a busy month. We packed a lot into it. Cynjyn had an informal dance recital. Her teacher teaches out of her garage and we brought chairs and sat in the driveway to watch. Santa showed up! She did great, but it was a little cold that night.
I had a piano recital one Monday and we decided to do it at our house. The singles ward was having their Christmas party at the church and so I couldn't get it booked. We ended up having about 90 people in here for it. I made Tanner and Cynjyn help me make some goodies. Taz had homework, but was right there beside us. I got a few goodies from some of my students. It was a fun night.
Pixie week started that same night. I only did one goodie tray of homemade stuff, it was a busy week.
Cynjyn helped me make treats for her and her brothers to give to their friends for Christmas. We made Snowman poop. Tanner made treats to take to his primary class. We all felt like little elves that week as we worked and made cute fun things!
Tanner escorted Krista Richardson to her company Christmas party and they had a great time. They looked very cute too!
Late night trips to Sam's Club were made to purchase popcorn for our new popcorn machine that we bought a little early for a family Christmas present.
And we had a fun book club night where we all went to see Life of Pi with our book club friends and our hubby's. After the movie, we all came back here and had a variety of pie's for dessert. Now that was fun!

The Young Women needed a place to hold YW in Excellence as the church was booked, so we offered our house and had about 50 people in the family room for the night. They decorated all black and white and it was an excellent night we great speakers. It was Cynjyn's very first mutual activity and she was a little bummed that it was here, but it all turned out well and was a fun night.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Did you call it UGLY??

On December 15, we cohosted an Ugly sweater party with the Shafers. Andrea did the invites, I provided the house. We had 8 couples that could make it.  Everyone brought a favorite dish to share.  We ate and visited.  We had a photo booth set up where everyone got their pictures taken.  After we ate, we played some Win Lose or Draw with Christmas carols and did a little Charades too.  We voted on the sweaters and Emily Jensen won best female sweater, she got knitting needles and thread so she can start on her sweater for next year.  Sven Peery won best male.  He got a pedometer and flashlight.  Dave and Jen Hill won best couple sweaters.  They got a bag of rice krispies and a bag of marshmellows and Garry and I won best overall sweaters.  We got the coveted trophy that will now be passed on year to year.  It was a fun night and I always enjoy seeing what everyone came up with for their sweaters.
The Hills
The coveted trophy!