Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring domination

Our spring was filled with volleyball and concerts and band activities and science field trips.
Taz had a good year this year and got a lot of playing time.  He was a back row defense specialist.  Between him, the libero and another defense specialist, they had the back row well covered.  

He had a lot of fan support of course from Garry and I.
He got some new shoes for the season.  We loved their pizazzy color!
Talon and Mikel came to games when work allowed also and wore their Silverado shirts even.
Grandma and Grandpa even made their annual trek up during the end of the season when he had a three game week to offer their support

He lost his last game in a very close battle against the number one team, but he had a great cheering crowd!
And even managed to leave smiling!
They made the playoffs and lost in the first round to Coronado. 
But Taz played well and received compliments from coach Schwallie!
 Cynjyn was busy with a lot of band festivals and performances.  She went to festival for advanced and jazz band.  They got Superiors!
 At the end of the year, they do a pasta and tunes night for jazz band where we go and listen to them perform and then have a catered Olive Garden dinner.  They did 12 numbers that night!!  She won't be taking jazz band next year, so she was kind of sad when it was over.
 Taz had a random spring concert also which is always fun to watch.
Cynjyn went with the Beehives one night to watch a News broadcast from Channel 8 news, looks like she had a great time at that.

She was also able to go on a school field trip to Arizona and Grand Canyon.  They left on Friday morning and got home late Sunday night.  By all accounts she had a great time also. 
 They had 4 girls to a room and Cynjyn's roomates were:  Vanessa, Kayla and Adrianne
 They took a raft trip down the Colorado River. Here she is with Gus (Ryan and Andrew's little brother!)

 They got to ride in a comfy bus, so traveling wasn't too bad.  She met Avery and they became fast friends.
 Apparently they played a little chubby bunny.
 They were literally taped into their hotel room at night and weren't allowed to open the door, so they had a lot of girl bonding time.

 Meal time looks fun too!

 In Flagstaff, they toured a Ghost Town.  Cynjyn had downloaded an app on her phone to take EMF readings (I think that's what they are called Krissy), but couldn't get it to work.
 They went to the Grand Canyon one day too.  Apparently a three D movie was viewed.

 They toured an ancient pueblo in Wapatki.
 Looks hot!  Shiny and Cynjyn both have red cheeks.

 She came home with a lot of new friends and stories and memories.  I'm glad she was able to have a good time!

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Sounds like a fun Spring so far!