Thursday, May 29, 2014

Survivor Pavillion 2014

I was asked to be in charge of a ward party in March. I was given some committee members and I could come up with what I wanted.  It was billed as a ward BBQ.  I asked if I could do an adults only party since every party we have had in the past 3-4 years has been a family party.  I was told yes.  So I immediately thought Western night, (This was in January that I got called) but then found out that the Stake Valentine Sweetheart ball was doing a western theme in Feb.  So I decided on Survivor.  We met every other week for a few months and planned a pretty cool party if I do say so myself.  I came up with Pineapples and 100 Grands for first place team. 
The second place team got coconuts. 
Cynjyn had to try out a coconut.  Did you know that brown coconuts are not recommended for drinking their milk, but the white ones are, so we got white ones.

I wanted a photo booth at the party so Ally on our committee got a guy in our stake to come and take them for free.  He was a photographer.  I made a back drop for it.  Cynjyn helped me try it out at home.
So when people got there they could visit the photo booth. 
This was my committee.  They were all very helpful and they all came through with their assignments and the party turned out really well because of them.  Thanks to Mark and Joann Wikle, us, Jen and Jeff Medsker, and Andrew and Ally Hunt.

I made two of my besties come do the photo booth with me!  I love Linda and Toni!
Our dinner was Hawaiian haystacks.  We served them Survivor style with everything chopped and ready to go in baggies and a tin pan and they ate dinner first.  Then our first competition (We had four teams) was scattering cones throughout the field with the tribe colors on them and each tribe blindfolded three people who had to link arms and then they had a team member stay behind on the cement and was the caller.  They directed the three members to the cones.
The first team back with all six cones won 1 pt. 2 for second and three for 3rd. (Team with least amount of points was winner at end).
We then had a team memory game.  We had objects gathered on a tray and they could look at it for 30 seconds then they had one minute to write down as many objects as they could remember.
We then gave each team a bunch of PVC pipe and connectors and they had a minute to make a marshmallow gun.  They then chose two people to "blow" three marshmallows.  We were scoring for distance and accuracy.  They got points for both.
Then we had a member from each team do the dice stacking game where they could only use one hand and had to stack 6 die on a Popsicle stick that they held in their teeth.  The die had to stay stacked for three seconds.  They had one min. to complete this, if they weren't able to stack all six they got points for having the most stacked at the end of the minute.
We then had teams hold hands and get a hula hoop from one end of the team to the other.  Whomever did it the quickest won.
Then we had them choose a team member to lash three poles together and reach to retrieve two baskets. 
In the first basket was a set of tangrams and the second had three puzzles in it.  They had to bring the baskets back to the table where the rest of the team members had to solve the tangrams.
We then had a team brain teaser questions that they had to answer.  These were the questions:

Brain Teasers:
1.  A man takes three left turns and goes home and finds two men in masks.  Who are they?
2.  You went in the woods without it, then you got it, then you couldn’t find it, so you went home with it.  What is it?
3.  The man who makes it sells it.  The man who buys it doesn’t need it.  The man who uses it doesn’t know it.  What is it?
4.  Who is your sister in laws mother in law?
5.  A man crashes a car.  The passenger in the other car is pulled out dead, but the man who caused the crash is not  arrested.  Why?
6.  If you have it you want to share it.  If you share it you won’t have it anymore. What is it?
7. Is it legal for a man to marry his widows  sister in California?
8.  A  man has a house with all four sides facing south.  He goes outside and sees a bear.  What color is it?

We then had a gross food challenge.  They had to eat giant olives stuffed with pearl onion, a habanero pepper, sardines and pickled pigs feet.

Lastly, we gave the top three teams two minutes to take turns running down the sidewalk to retrieve a bunch of mismatched items off a table. They went till all the items were gone.
Then they had to use their retrieved items to dress an islander.  The islanders then paraded down the walkway.
The losing team then voted on the best islander for the final tribal council and we declared a winner and runner up.
Here are the winning teams. 
And second place.  It was a really fun night, we had a great turnout and every one had a great time.


Lindsay said...

Looks like a good time! I miss those Las Palmas parties!

Also... What are the answers to the brain teasers? ;)

Gwen Waite said...

You are always full of great ideas!! Our ward doesn't have ward parties😫