Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mikel's baptism

We got back from Spring Break on Easter Sunday, and the very next day Mikel was baptized.
It was a very special night and we were so happy for Mikel.  She asked Tanner to play the piano and me to lead the music. 
The elders gave the prayers.  Elder Farr and Elder Jensen who Mikel claims looks like her brother. 

Her grandmother came to support her.  Carmen has now been taking a few discussions herself.
Taz is trying to be the tallest brother, I think he thought you couldn't tell he was on his tipies.
We loved Elder Farr and Elder Jensen, they were quiet and shy and funny and Elder Farr taught us how to remember the 10 commandments.  Elder Jensen loved Fruit snacks. 

Cynjyn and Taz were asked to give the talks and they did such an awesome job.  The spirit was so strong!!
Here is Cynjyn's talk:

I am so grateful that Mikel has given me this opportunity to talk and reflect on the meaning of baptism. I was baptized when I turned 8, and I knew that this was a really big decision to make so I took a lot of time to think about it and I finally decided that I was going to get baptized. Now when I got baptized I became a full member of the church. And I also got to make a covenant that you are going to make. In that covenant we promised to take upon us the name of Christ and to keep his commandments and serve him until the end. Every week on Sunday when we take the sacrament we are renewing the covenant that we made and helping us to remember what we need to do. Now a covenant is a two way promise and this is one that we make between ourselves and our heavenly father. So if you keep you covenant then heavenly father has promised us that we will receive remission of our sins, the gift of the Holy Ghost (but Taz will touch on that later), and also the privilege of being spiritually reborn. Remission of sins means that you can use the atonement and be forgiven of your sins and eventually get to live with heavenly father again. Now once you are baptized you can now endure till the end. This basically means living the gospel as best you can until the day you leave this world and get to return to your heavenly father. Now baptism is a commandment from our heavenly father. Even Christ was baptized because he had to set the way for us. It says in Mathew 3:13-14 (READ) and so even though Christ was perfect he knew that this was a commandment form our heavenly father. But not just any one can baptize someone. They have to have the proper authority, which is the Priesthood. If just anyone were to want to baptize someone then it would be like my dad driving and seeing someone speeding pulling them over and trying to give them a ticket. Would that person pay the ticket? No, because my dad doesn’t have the authority to give a ticket. Baptism is the same way if someone without authority is doing it then it doesn’t really fully count.   One of the other things you are doing when you get baptized you is showing that you are willing to help one another. In Mosiah 18:8-10 it says (READ). So when you get baptized your saying not only will you follow god’s commandments but that you are also willing to love one another and be a witness of god. And if you do this then our reward is eternal life. (Bear testimony) 

Here is Taz's:

Good evening my name is Taz goon. I am grateful to Mikel for giving me this opportunity to learn more and teach you guys about the Holy Ghost. I’ll start my talk will a scripture to sum up what the holy ghost is … JOHN 26. The Holy Ghost is the 3rd member of the godhead and is a spirit. Being a spirit allows him to abide with each of us, whenever we are worthy. The Holy Ghost can bless your life in many ways. Christ promised His Apostles that the Holy Ghost would “teach you all things” and “guide you into all truth” .He also said that the Holy Ghost “shall testify of me.” Not only does the Holy Ghost teach us and testify of Christ, the Holy Ghost can help our lives greatly. Through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, you can recognize and understand truth and make right choices and inspired decisions. The Holy Ghost can inspire you with thoughts and ideas, warn you, and comfort you in times of sorrow. Many of you have felt the Holy Ghost in your lives already. In GALATIONS 5:22 it says : 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is clove, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance. So his influence can include emotions. Almost everyone has felt the Holy Ghost at some time. But there is a difference between experiencing the occasional influence of the Holy Ghost and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Although the Holy Ghost may temporarily comfort someone or reveal truth to them, the gift of the Holy Ghost is reserved for those who have been baptized and confirmed into Christ’s Church. This gift is the privilege of enjoying the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost conditional upon keeping the commandments. The gift of the Holy Ghost is given when a person is confirmed a member of the Church after baptism by someone having priesthood authority from God. It is given by the person having authority laying their hands upon the head of the person who was baptized and giving them a blessing to receive the Holy Ghost Whether or not we then receive this great gift depends on our keeping the commandments of God.
OBJECT LESSION: Talk about how the music stand is the Holy Ghost and how it stays constant and then slowly move away from it as you do things that take you away from the spirit.  Point out how we lost the spirit, it didn't leave us.
We went to Mikel's friend Jewel's house after the baptism and every room in her house was elaborately decorated and it was most amazing.   She fed us pizza and milk shakes and we ate outside by her pool.  Here is some pictures inside her house.

 Elder Farr liked the throne chair.
 Garry liked this crazy mosaic chair.
 Cynjyn liked the throne chair too.
 Taz preferred the grand piano

And I liked the red couch.  We were so proud of Mikel and know she will find happiness and blessings being a member of the church.

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Gwen Waite said...

Beautiful and special baptism. Nice talks. I am so happy for her and glad her family supported her decision!