Saturday, June 21, 2014

After April comes May

After spring break it was hard to get back into school and work. Cynjyn had had enough and I found her sound asleep like this after school one day in between the couch and the ottoman.
We bought a brand new 2014 Honda Accord the weekend before Spring Break.  It had been along time since we bought a new car and we love it!!

Tanner and I got new IPhone's 5s's and I took Cynjyn to work on take your child to work day.
Cynjyn was so glad to have Tanner back home.  They sat at the table after dinner just talking for hours!
They also liked running errands with us.
We harvested yummy strawberries from our garden.  We have two different varieties and half of like one and half of us like the other, so it works out that we can all get our favorites.
 I made a quick notebook and took flowers to Rita who is the choir director that I play for to give her on her birthday. 
 Tanner got a random valentine in the mail from Ky that she had mailed in February, it went to Rexburg and got lost and finally made it to here.

 We played a lot of games when Grandma and Grandpa came down for a week to watch Taz.
 Cynjyn and I went out with Toni and Maggie to dinner at BJ's and then to the Thatcher's house to watch Austenland afterwards.  The boys were all at the Father's and Son's outing.  We stopped after dinner to get some slurpees for the movie.
 I had a great mother's day getting a card and flowers from Taz and a gift card to Olive Garden from the other kids. 
 It's nice to be remembered on Mother's Day, and I am blessed to be a mother to these four wonderful children.
 We had a family swim one night because the pool was heated.  Trey had accidentally left the heater on when he was here a few weeks ago and we couldn't figure out why the pool was so warm, but we sure enjoyed the family swim.
 I had my end of year piano recital and it was short and sweet with only 18 of my students playing one song.  It was very nice and they did exceptionally well.

 Tanner got me and Cynjyn excited about dying our hair.  Cynjyn didn't want to bleach hers and so she just put red tips on, but it was really hard to see.
 I did the bleaching route

 This is after the just pure bleach.
 I actually bought purple dye and it turned out more pink, that's why I'm not too happy, but I like it anyway
 I went to Disneyland with the choir and hung out with the other teacher's all day.  It was so hot and crowded. We only went on two rides and then to the Tiki room, but I actually had a good time!  We left early Saturday morning at 2:30am and got back a little after midnight Saturday night.
 Tanner, Taz and I have been playing a lot of pinochle.  At Cynjyn's end of year concert Mr. Nikoba always does an alumni and friends song and it's always Sound of Music.  We found three saxophones and Tanner, Taz and I played at it.  I was so surprised I could still get sound out and play after all these years.  It was a blast.

Yummy, yummy garden harvest. 
 Cynjyn had her end of year recital the day I went to Disneyland and so I went to dress rehearsal the night before to watch her dances.  I was sad to miss it as I heard from several people there how awesome she was and how much they love to watch her dance. 

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Gwen Waite said...

Great month for the Goon family--love the part about the heated pool!