Sunday, June 1, 2014

More Springing into Spring!

Taz sure loves his weekly runs/bike rides with Psych.
Cynjyn had Danny McCracken come into town for his Spring Break.  They all got together as an old primary/sunday school class and went to Sky Zone and then back to Borla's for dinner.
It's always fun when old friends come back into town for a visit.
I took a selfie of my "Office" at work.  This is my piano in the background and my little corner of the room where I spend 5 hours a day.
It sure does brighten my day when I get random Snapchats from my kids though!  Thanks Taz and Paige.
Taz had friends sleep over periodically.
Cynjyn had friends over too.
Garry and the kids did their annual coin rolling during General Conference.
Cynjyn and the Beehives made visuals for one of my songs for Singing time as a Tuesday night activity.  That was really helpful and greatly appreciated.  The song was for The Family is of God and the kids loved having the parents and kids drawn in Anime.
Taz attended Youth was on being missionaries and prepping for a mission.
Taz also had a run in with the decorative table in our living room.  That is his skin on the edge.
The table won.  He tripped and slid down the stairs and into the table! Probably should have had stitches, but didn't!  He loves his battle scars.

Garry got up during the night and took cool picutres of the lunar eclipse for Cynjyn so she could get extra credit for science.

Talon's girlfriend Mikel works at an eyebrow threading place and can get a discount for family and friends, so Cynjyn and I decided to give it a try.  The top is our before and the bottom is our afters.  And then Cynjyn's during is under that.

Tanner was winding down with his first year of college and getting ready to come home.  Since Talon moved in while he was gone and took over his room, we needed a place for him to stay.  So we decided to turn it into a guest room/craft room.  Garry and I spent a morning cleaning it up and moving bedroom furniture inside.

Cynjyn wanted to sleep there that night but then she realized how close it was to the front door and decided against it!!

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