Thursday, July 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day weekend found us at Point Mugu in California.  We went with our camping friends on our semi annual camping trip.  We shared a campsite with the Shafers.  The Thatcher's were right next to us and across the street were the Sawyers, Osburns and Zezulka's.  We arrived Saturday and left Monday morning.  It was the same camp site we had girls camp at a few years ago.  The weather was very nice, cool, but no rain.  We grilled meals and had fun campfires at night.
Tanner and Cynjyn especially had fun with Madeline as they both have babysat her a lot.

Taz loved that the Shafers brought a lot of wood and he was in charge of fire building.

We had a lot of relaxing time around the fires at night.

We shared meals with good friends.
Sunday, we went in to Ventura and found a bike rental place and rode around the beach for a couple of hours.  Taz and Cynjyn had these bikes (one each) and Garry, Tanner and I rented a four man Surrey. 
Taz and Tanner took turns on the different bikes.  Unfortunately there was a marathon at the same time, so it was pretty busy and some bike paths were closed so the runners had a place to run.
We walked down the pier and I loved all the flags flying for Memorial Day.

We bought a flat of strawberries at a local fruit stand and enjoyed the freshness of that delicious fruit.

We had yummy desserts in the evening.

The kids are such a big help when it comes time to clean and pack up and head for home.

We had plenty of time at the beach also.  It was kind of cold, so Taz was happy to get burried and have a little warmth in the sand.
He also dug a huge hole.
And was sad when the water filled it up a few hours later.
These three had fun making sand castles.
I took a selfie for proof that the photographer was there too.

The kids played in the ocean for hours and Tanner was a big help keeping an eye on the younger kids.
We brought a few boogie boards and the kids had fun on them.
We really had a great time and the kids had a good sleep on the way home.

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