Thursday, March 19, 2015

19, 19, 1965!

I have been wanting to have a joint birthday party for a few years now. I finally had a good excuse to throw that party.  Garry and I turn 50 this year!  So since my birthday is in Feb. and his is in April, I decided to have the party March 14.  This was the invite I made. I invited 16 couples.

I decorated with pictures.  I picked some out and Garry made this 50 collage.  I displayed some pictures on our magnet board.
I set up the island with pictures of us, mostly in high school and college.

I laid out a scrapbook I had made years ago with the story of us because it had a lot of our old HS photos in it. 

I put out a candy bar on the island too.  We had gone to Winco and picked out various candies and I counted out 50 of each kind and displayed them in jars and containers.  I made the above sign so the guests could leave with bags of candy. 
We had a lot of appetizer/finger type foods for everyone to eat. 
It kind of reminded me of my recitals...

We made some cheese bread hot out of the oven when it was time to eat.
I made two different poke cakes, a chocolate mint and a coconut and I made some brownie, marshmallow, strawberry skewers sprinkled with white chocolate. for dessert.

We played some games throughout the night.I have the best sister Ky who loves to make up party games and so she did a 50 question trivia game and the famous couples on your back and we let them go up as couples to guess who they were.  Then we ate and after eating and visiting, we played the doo doo game.  Ky had come up with 200 songs from the 80's and we divided up into 4 teams.  It was so hard and we didn't have much success, but it sure was fun.  Then we did the candy bar game where everyone picks one from the center and puts it in their bag and the roll the dice and you can steal or switch hands depending on what is rolled.  Then we ended the night with the newlywed game.  We had prizes of gum for all that played.  The winning couple (Hills) got the Hubba Bubba, everyone else got the Trident gum and the losers (US!) got the Extra.

We pretty much ended at 11 and everyone left hopefully happy and thought it was fun.  I sure enjoyed it all!!
L to R: Valles, Lawrences, us, Brian Thatcher, Reeses, Witt's, Hills, Shafers, Closes, Jex's Candlands
On couch: Osburns, Toni Thatcher, and Barlows.  The Borlas were there for most of it, but had to leave around 10 and we had two couples invited who couldn't come.  Stuff like this makes it o.k. to turn 50!

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