Thursday, August 6, 2015

For Ella

Cynjyn and I spent 2 1/2 weeks in Oregon this summer.  It was very different because it was only the two of us.  Everyone else had to work.  We spent the majority of our time in La Grande because Ella was going to be there for a lot of it while her dad painted mom and dad's barn.  So that meant that Ky and Krissy and their kids came up too.  It was a fun filled vacation.

I took 537 photos on my good Canon camera.  I whittled them down to 31 photos that I was willing to spend time on editing.  Those I deemed keepers meaning I will most likely use them in my scrap booking or print them for use in my house.  I deemed a total of 110 as keepers to use in Project Life or memory keeping.  These are the 31 that I just spent 2 whole days working on and editing.

 I have had Lightroom for a few years now, but just dabbled in it.  I was determined to learn how to use it better for these photos.  So I took a little class online and watched some Youtube videos and got a good grip on it.  That is what I used to edit.  That is a new thing for me since in the past I've mainly used Photoshop for all my editing.  I really enjoyed using Lightroom and I hope it was worth the wait for Ella.

Ella and Cynjyn do a photo shoot every summer and Ella likes to wait for me to put the photos on my blog and then she "Steals" them...(she can have them!!)  So her parting words to me were: Hurry and update your blog!  Well, Cynjyn informed me last night that I was being too slow for Ella (I'd been working hard on them and was almost done).  So now here they are:

Catherine Creek:
These photos were taking just as we were enjoying the creek, no formal shoot.
Grandma and Grandpa
Ky and Annalyn
The Girl cousins

These photos were the photo shoot I did of C and E at grandma and grandpa's house in their backyard:
Cynjyn and Ella Photo shoot July 14, 2015

Ladd Canyon photo shoot July 24, 2015:
Our last day in La Grande we rode the 4wheelers up Ladd Canyon and did a little shot with Kres and Beckham. 

Beckham got bored after a few minutes and left and then Kres left shortly thereafter and C and E finished up. 
Then we went up Marley Creek and Cynjyn and I took a ride by ourselves on the 4wheelers and found this very interesting stump on top.  So I made her stop and we took a few shots with it because it was just really cool!  Inside it though was an upopened Gatorade and lays potato chip can.  That was a little spooky and creepy to us.

And finally, this top one if for Ella.  She took my camera to the creek one day when her, Kres, Trampis and Cynjyn went for an afternoon swim.  She took several pictures, but was most excited about snapping this one of Moxon, Trampis new dog.  So I edited it for her and included it in the top 30 photos.  And that's our summer from a photographers view point.

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