Friday, November 20, 2015

The big 21

Tanner turned 21 this year.  To the outside world that is usually a big number because you are old enough to legally consume alcohol.   I know that Wal Mart was happy because as a cashier, Tanner is now able to ring up alcohol with out a manager having to come by and do it for him.  So I thought it would be fun (ny) to celebrate his birthday with a drinking theme.  Our first stop however was dinner together as a family.  He chose the Mexican restaurant at the Southpoint.  We all were coming from different spots, so we all attempted to meet up there.  Talon was there first and quickly called us all to tell us it's closed on Monday and Tuesday's.  So we quickly decided on Chili's instead and met up there.  Taz and Cynjyn were coming straight from band practice and Talon was leaving for work immediately afterwards. 

When we got done with dinner, we went home and began the drinking game.  I had gone to Rocket Fizz and picked up 6 odd flavors of soda.  They have hundreds to choose from so it was hard and Garry was with me and we have differing tastes, so we were trying to pick some that we thought Tanner would enjoy. 

We lined them all up and poured a cup for everyone and then they drank it and tried to come up with what flavors were in it. 
Now another thing to know about Tanner is he is a water drinker.  He is usually true to his water and rarely will drink anything else.  So this was a challenge for him. 
But he was a trooper and he ended up liking some of them.  A lot of them tasted like medicine's so that was weird. 
We ended the night with his favorite dessert, Tapioca pudding.

Unfortunatly, Tanner ended up being sick during the night and throwing up all night and was literally in bed with some bug for the next three days.  Oh, and he got a membership to the local rock climbing place and rock climbing gear for his birthday.  Happy Birthday Tanner! You are loved.

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