Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Harry Potter Halloween

I have wanted to have a Halloween party for a long time now.  I made it happen this year.  I was looking at  traditional Halloween ideas, but suddenly, Harry Potter popped in my mind and we ran with it.  There was a lot of preparation that went into it and for me that is almost more fun than the party itself. I enjoy the creating part of a party.  Garry made these banners for the evening. 
I made the Hogwarts sign after Garry cut out the wood for me.
I decided to do HP themed prizes, so one evening I whipped up some flying keys.
I ordered some owl salt and pepper shakers.
I found a cute owl bowl and filled it with jelly belly's.
I ordered a mold and made some chocolate frogs.
We put them on the food table and wrapped some for prizes along with some edible golden snitches.
We put up the decorations and ended up making 25 golden snitches that we placed around the house.  At the end of the party, we asked the guests to name all the places they saw the snitches.  It was funny because Heather Osburn had noticed them randomly placed at the beginning of the party and she thought to herself that it might be a part of the party, so she started writting down the places that she saw them.  She got 24 out of 25!

One of our games was a jelly belly tasting/ identifying game.  They had to taste and name the flavor.  Jay Shafer won that game. 
As we prepared for the party, we moved some furniture to make more room and found out just how dirty our carpet is!  Yikes!

I made some photo booth props.  We set up a booth I always love doing that.

We delivered invites by owl a couple of weeks before the big day. 
We decorated and set up the kitchen for the food spread, we asked everyone to bring a dessert or appetizer to share. 

I made poly juice potion punch
Wormtails fingers
Aragog's babies
And Dumbledore's pensive which we forgot to put out and so we enjoyed it after the party.

We let everyone randomly pick from the sorting hat to decide their house and they did the trivia games as houses.

We had some fun trying out the photo booth. 
Since we came up with the trivia, we didn't play, but I had fun observing everyone.
Garry did a great job on our costumes.  Moaning Myrtle and Mad Eye Moody had a great time at Hogwarts.
Everyone dressed up and that made it fun and I know I had a great time planning it and attending it.

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Gwen Waite said...

Oh Kim, you are soooo creative! I have been thinking of having a party. Maybe you could come up with suggestions for me!