Wednesday, December 16, 2015

She made the boys happy

Cynjyn is a dance, a singer, a flutist, and apparently now, she is a football player.  She came home from school one day and announced that she was thinking about trying out for flag football.  Immediatly, her brothers snapped to attention and perked right up.  The much to their glee, she asked them if they would help her learn a few things.  Thus, we ended up outside with three very happy boys and a slightly overwhelmed girl.

I seriously don't think I've seen Talon that happy since...well never!

Taz was all too eager to help out too. 

They demonstrated a few things, but mainly let Cynjyn practice and get used to the ball and running.

She ended up trying out and making the freshman team.  Over 120 girls tried out and they took 60 between freshman, JV and Varsity.  So far they are doing great and have only lost one game.  They are doing way better than JV and Varsity, and I believe she is having a great time.  She plays every game on offense as a blocker and we are more than happy to watch the games even if it has been pretty cold during them.  I hope she has a great year. 

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