Thursday, December 31, 2015

Survivor birthday party...and just like that, she's 15!

It seems to now be a tradition to throw Cynjyn a birthday party. We don't mind because we love parties. I asked her if she wanted an organized party, or just a hang out party and she chose organized.  We settled on a Survivor theme and went with it.  We had to prep  few games, but other than that, the party came together on Friday night, with the party starting at 11 am Saturday morning. 

We started out with them drawing colored rocks to determine their teams.  We ended up with a roses team (Their bandana had roses on them) which was Logan, Vanessa, Kaela, Angel, Andrew (Taz's friend pinch hitting because we had an odd number) and Cynjyn.

The skull's team was Rae, Becca, Norma, Sean, Gus, and Grady.

We started out with team games and this one was a hula hoop game where they had to link hands and get the whole team thru the HH six times. 

Then we did a knot game where they had to run down to a PVC pipe set up and each team member had to untie a ring or the toss base and then the last team member had to toss the rings over the base. 

Another team game we did was one team member was the shooter and they had to shoot NERF Arrows into the air and their teammates had cups and the first team to catch three arrows was the winner. 

We did a gross food challenge.  The foods were:  Vienna Sausages, Cocktail onions, Pepperchini's, Green Pepper and raw mushroom, Wasabi Peas, and Octopus. 

Norma and Logan had the Wasabi Peas

Cynjyn and Becca went head to head with Vienna Sausages...

Cynjyn won and Becca ended up at the sink.
Sean and Kaela had the Cocktail onions.
Sean hands down was the best face maker, he ended up winning this round.

The next team game involved jousting a ball off the head of the foe with pipe insulation.
Rae and Kaela went head to head.

Sean and Andrew
Grady and Vanessa
Gus and Logan
Becca and Angel
Cynjyn and Norma
Cynjyn's bandana and protective gear both fell down on her and she was temporarily blinded.

Then we did a team game where they had a caller directing them to some colored boxes and they were  blindfolded and had to keep a hold of hands. 

Then they had to retrieve the blocks and stack them so that there were 4 different colors on all four sides 4 stacks high.

Then we dissolved teams and went to individual challenges.  They had to unwrap and chew 2 pieces of bubble gum and then be the first person to blow a three inch bubble.

They had to be the last one standing with an unpopped balloon on their ankle.

And then the Limbo sack game.  Here is Becca and Cynjyn
And Logan and Norma
The final challenge was an endurance one where they had to hold two stacked pop cans with their arms straight out while balancing on one foot. 

We ended up doing a double layer of chocolate cake with Oreo Ice Cream in the middle frosted with cool whip and then put crushed Oreos and worms on top.
We did a Survivor auction as they were eating cake where they got sacks full of candy with their poker chips as their take home treat. 
It was a fun party to throw and attend.  The funny story is that the party was over at 2, but of course everyone stayed later.  At 3:30 Cynjyn and Norma and Becca left (Norma was taking C to Olive Garden for her bday dinner) and the other people stayed till about 4:30 with the main birthday girl gone!!
 Later that night, I hosted our Stake Primary Presidency and their husbands for a Christmas Dinner get together.  Toni Thatcher, President, Me 1st counselor, April Paris, Secretary and Shawna Shepherd 2nd counselor.
Bryan, Tim, Garry and Dale joined us for a picture.  It was a long day but a great day making my daughter happy and enjoying a good dinner with good friends.

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