Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Prom 2K16

Prom 2016 was one for the books!

Finally those dang boys listened to me and went together as best friends and kept the group small and inexpensive!  I know it was Taz's favorite school dance experience.  
They started out the evening with a photo shoot at a spot Ryan had found up in Anthem. 

We told them to do something silly, so they all took out there phones and started taking selfies!
Everyone was kind of just standing around, so I told the girls I wanted a corsage picture
and a shoe picture.  Andrea's dad was there taking photos, so after I got them going, I went over to the boys.  Andrea's dad I guess is a professional photographer.

Ryan and Andrew's sister Cassidy was getting the boys situated, so it a perfect time to leave those girls to themselves and focus on my boys.
But I did take one from Andrea's dad's photos to balance out the blog!

The group ones were fun.  Andrea's dad would line them up and then take some pictures, then I would snap some.  But they were all good sports and then there were other parents snapping away on their phones.  It's always such a production.

The obligatory jumping one. 
The party bus had arrived, but I wanted a few more of Taz and Lyric
I told them to gaze lovingly at each other

But they couldn't keep a straight face at that!

It has become tradition now to take one of Ryan and Andrew holding Taz...they claim it's because they have carried him throughout their friendship years.
Andrew and Taz were nominated for prom king and so they were poking fun at Ryan because he wasn't nominated (but he did snag a nomination last fall for homecoming court so don't feel too bad for him!)  Andrew ended up winning and we all couldn't be happier for him. He is truly an amazing guy.
These six have been best friends all through middle school and high school, it was only fitting that they should go out with a bang and have a great prom!

Charlie always gets succored into these precarious poses with Taz.
Lyric had a little train to her skirt and Taz, being the gentleman that he is attached it for her so she could walk easier.
The party bus arrived and they were off!

They headed to dinner at Buca di Beppo's in Excalibur.  After dinner they went to the dance.  After the dance, they took a little night hike up in Anthem that is all paved and easy trail, but the view of the city is wonderful.  Then they came back to our house and apparently had a Mortal Kombat tournament all night.  They ended up leaving at 6 am.  Taz promptly went to bed and didn't wake up until 4:15 pm!
And that was prom 2K16.  Charlie, Andrea, Michael, CC, Tiffany, Taz, Lyric, Ryan, Markus, Brynna, Kayla and Andrew

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Krissy T. said...

Looks and sounds like a great night!