Wednesday, May 11, 2016

73rd Academy graduating class

Talon has been up in Carson City for the Police Academy since January 4th. They had to change the date of their wedding by one week due to the fact that his graduation was April 22 and they had originally planned on being married April 21.  It was a tough adjustment for him being away from home and in a colder climate.  But he persevered.  He came home on all the three day weekends and a few other times since he could carpool with several of the other class that was from Vegas.  Garry, Mikel and I made a quick trip up for his graduation.  The drive up is extremely boring.  Luckily Garry always drives!

 Mikel slept!
 We entertained ourselves by driving thru Tonopah and taunting Cynjyn with photos of a Clown Motel...She told up to burn the place to the ground...she's so not fond of clowns. 
 We wondered how many people actually lived in the Sundowner, a shut down hotel.
 We arrived at around 9pm Thursday night and settled in.  We were up early Friday morning to get ready for graduation at 11am. 

It was a nice ceremony and the class speaker talked about each member of his graduation class, so that was nice to hear a quick story about each member.  Then they called all the graduates to receive their official badge.  And it was done and over in an hour!  We took pictures afterward. 

This was Talon's room mate from Reno.  They became really good friends and we met his parents and grandma.  He was trying to get Talon to move up to Reno with go.
This was another good friend he met at the academy.
After the ceremony, we went back to his dorm and packed up the stuff he had left.  I asked him if he'd taken any pictures of his living space while he was I made him pose!
This is the room he lived in for 4 months.  It was actually pretty good sized for a dorm room, bigger than BYU's dorms!

He always complained about the terrible kitchen and how they couldn't eat or cook anything because it was so bad. And it really was pretty bad.  Nothing to cook on really.
This was the outside of his dorm.  It was on an indian reservation.  I thought it looked pretty cool, but old and it was rumored to be haunted since there were two children's indian cemetaries on the premises.  They had originally used these buildings to "beat" the indian out of children and try to turn them white. 
After we got him packed up, he wanted us to try a chinese place that he thought we would like.  I loved the decor and wanted a picture with the picture in the background.  It was a dragon and tiger, but it turns out you can't see it very well.
Since we were so close to Lake Tahoe, Talon wanted us to go up and see it. Well, it was pouring rain as we got out of the graduation ceremony.  It let up a little as we were packing up Talon's stuff. 
But as we got closer and closer to Tahoe, the snow got thicker and thicker.  The roads were quickly becoming dangerous and we were all dressed in dresses and nice slacks.  We finally pulled into a little cabin spot where we could see the lake and took some pictures.  It was freezing and yet, fun to have a crazy adventure and now I can say I've been to Lake Tahoe. 
Garry and I decided to stay an extra night in celebration of his birthday.  Talon and Mikel headed for home as soon as we got back to Carson City. 

We were slipping and sliding the whole way back. 

We were up early Saturday morning and headed back to Vegas for Wedding week!


Claudia said...

It's too bad you didn't get to see Tahoe when it's not snowing. It is breathtaking. I miss it lots.

Krissy T. said...

Fun little trip!