Friday, May 9, 2008

Athlete of the month

Talon got Athlete of the month at Silverado High School. It is quite an honor because they only pick one from all the spring sports that are currently going on. He got a case of gatorade, a certificate, shirt an engraved plaque, and his picture posted in the sports hall at school. Believe it or not, I took three pictures of him like this and the two "good ones" with his eyes open turned out blurry and this one wasn't, so it made the blog!!

Sadly, his high school volleyball career ended last night with a loss in the regional finals to Coronado. They played hard, but got beat 25-19, 26-24, 26-24. It was sad, but Talon had the game of his life and got in the paper for 24 digs!! (That is amazing for three games for those of you who don't know volleyball). He made an all state team and has to go to the school tonight to get his award and be introduced in front of the crowd!! It's been an exciting four years and we've loved everyone of them!!


kc and k said...

That is so exciting and a good way to end a high school career with the awards! Way to go!

gwen said...

I'm so proud of Talon. It's always nice to go out with a "bang", and in Las Vegas he can still play volleyball year aroundj! Making a state team is amazing, too! Love you, Talon!!

Lindsay said...

Way to go, Talon! I still remember when Lewis came home from tryouts, and he was excited about having him on his team... and also how Lewis acted like Talon wasn't going to make the team. I couldn't believe that he would do that to a freshman!