Monday, July 21, 2008

24th of July Celebration

Really guys, it is July in Las Vegas, don't you think it would be better to "celebrate" the pioneers up at Mt. Charleston???

This is my second year doing an entry in the parade for the Tri-Stake Pioneer celebration. It is always so hot! This year our primary decided to do a "Buffalo Stampede". We had the kids choose to be buffalo, or pioneers. If they were Buffalo, they were to bring a scooter and we would have "horns" for them to wear. If they were a pioneer, they were to bring a giant squirt bottle. The buffalo were to stampede and head to the sides of the parade route so the pioneers could chase them and "shoot" them with their squirt bottles, thus getting the crowd in the process. Well, we were entry 21, so the kids were more interested in picking up candy they found on the road from the entries ahead of us that threw candy, than they were in following through with our stampede. Oh, well, we had fun and I got soaked from the kids practicing shooting!!

We stayed for the festivities where the highlight is when the fire truck comes and hoses down the whole park to cool everyone off!! Next year, we're going for a flat bed trailer ride!


gwen said...

Krissy says, "It sounds fun--but not the heat part! Only you Kim would come up with something that creative! Plus, at least you attempted to keep people cool with the water!"

Ixchelle said...

Kim, you ae so creative. I love the things you come up with. Do you have any creative ideas on how to help the primary kids pass the songs off for the primary program? I am the music leader and could use any ideas you might have. Thanks

Kimberly said...

Actually, I'll give the credit to my second counselor, Toni, she brainstormed the stampede idea, but it was a cute one!

gwen said...

Right--ride in an air conditioned combine! That's real pioneery! July in Vegas is a good time to stay home--or squirt people with water!

kc and k said...

I remember how HOT it was last year when I went with you guys! I would definitely be wanting to get squirt at over getting the candy. I guess the kids that grow up in Vegas get used to the heat, but its probably just because every kid LOVES candy!