Monday, July 7, 2008

Taz's Birthday..Wait a minute...

Just after earning their badges and glasses, before the big mission.

The end of the mission with their find...the SPACESHIP!!

Looking for clues

The autopsy

blowing out 10 candles, even though he's still 9 til August!

I always thought that having two children (Talon, Cynjyn) born in December, that their birthday's might always be a little less than others. It seems like birthdays might easily get lost in the Christmas busyness. Well, little did I know that Taz, my August birthday, would be the one always feeling left out. Every year for his birthday, we are in Oregon. I think he is the lucky one because we always get to have an extended family birthday for him and none of the other kids every get that. But alas, Taz wanted a "friends"birthday party. Well since we are going to be in Oregon again on his bday this year...we decided to throw him a party before school let out so he could easily invite friends from church and school.

He decided to have a "Men in Black" party since he had recently watched the movie for the first time. We did it on a Saturday evening 5-8 and had a blast!

When the kids first arrived, they hade to go through a rigorous training session to become men in black and earn their glasses and badges. This consisted of several events such as: Dexterity (picking up marbles with toes), strength (seeing who could throw the cotton ball the farthest), agility (seeing who could walk on a roll of packaging bubbles without popping any), aim, (assembling a marshmellow gun and shooting at aliens!)etc.
After they passed off all these, they got to eat dinner (a nacho bar, fruit and strawberry lemonade). Then they had to endure an alien autopsy blindfolded because it was sooooo top secret and they hadn't officially earned their badges yet. Then they got their badges and glasses and went on their first mission around the neighborhood looking for aliens. In the end, they found the space ship and their "goodies" and we wrapped it up with cake and presents. All in all, it was a success and Taz really had a good time!!

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Andrea said...

What a cute party idea. You should post it on I may need help planning Tyler's transformers party and now I know where to go...and you will be back from Oregon just in time...ha ha ha.