Friday, November 19, 2010

Sadie Hawkins

Last Wednesday, Tanner got asked to Sadie Hawkins. He went to ballroom dance class and the two girls had a pathway of giant dots with Tanner and Mikey's name on them and they followed the dots and found this letter that each of them had. They opened it, read it and had to do a little impromptu dance to accept the invite. Tanner is going with a girl in our ward, Natalie Leavitt. She is a year older in school but only a couple of months older than Tanner. Mikey is also in our ward and he was asked by Natalie's best friend Heidi (Warm Springs ward) and they are going to double date for it. The dance is December 11, so I'll keep you posted when that big day arrives. Last night for mutual, we went to St. Timothy's to feed the homeless. Tanner and Hunter were the only Young Men to go because there was a big dodgeball tournament at the same time. Taz went to that, but Hunter and Tanner opted to go with us.

Here is Tanner with Natalie (she's in the middle) and Dallas. The three of them are going with a group of 5 more tonight to Harry Potter, so they should have a fun weekend.

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Krissy T. said...

Sounds like it will be a really fun double-date! I always loved Sadie Hawkins--creative invite too.

Carol said...

I love the way kids invite each other to things these days. So creative! I'm having flashbacks to all the St. Timothy dinners I cooked and served for--they are good flashbacks.

gwen said...

Tanner the man! Glad he is getting involved, and it's nice that he can DANCE.that will make it more fun. She is a cute girl, and Tanner is a handsome guy. It will be interesting to see their outfits for the dance!

Ron said...

very creative date! I remember one St Timothy dinner, an inactive, homeless member made contact with me. Hope he followed up with the phone numbers I gave him.

kc and k said...

So fun! I hope he has a great time!