Monday, November 29, 2010

The set up and the big reveal...

Tanner is the official person who puts together my tree every year. He was in a hurry this year because he had to meet some kids from school at Brittany's house to work on a group project. He ended up leaving right after he put up the tree and didn't get back until 10:30 because he ended up staying at Brittany's house, eating dinner there and going to a movie (Megamind). But at least I got the tree put up. Cynjyn was feeling terrible, stomach ache and cramping all day, but was determined to help. She climbed on the mantle to hang the things over the fireplace.

She also climbed on the potshelves to arrange my Christmas bears and tins. Taz helped by hauling the big boxex of bears up the stairs and handing them to her. He had also just put the little tree up there.

Tanner strung lights and Cynjyn tied the tree skirt.

Taz and his friend Jayden helped Garry do the lights on the roor. Usually Cynjyn helps too, but wasn't feeling well enough this year.

For the first time in awhile, I was able to put up every Christmas decoration this year. Thanks to the extra table I have! It was big enough to hold my big nativity and the new Thomas Kinkade decoration I got from Mom this year. Cynjyn wanted a picture of every "scene" in the house and she was going to model them too, so here goes. Bear with us!!

The piano area.

The stockings.

The nutcrackers.

The mantle and fireplace.

The snowmen, nativities and talking things.

The tree.

The potshelves with the bears and tins and the fiberoptic tree.
The cute helper.

I even managed to garbage pick these three trees last year and we put a few sentimental ornaments on them this year and put them in the garage. I want a clearance Christmas tree this year to put in the garage and put all my sentimental ornaments on. Wish me luck on that.

As the evening was winding down...I was admiring the tree all lit up and the peacefulness of the evening. Garry was trying to plug in the laptop under the tree and seconds later, it looked like this!! The base broke and the tree fell over. Garry found an old real tree base and managed to make the tree fit in it and we got it all undecorated and then put up and redecorated. We only managed to break one bulb in the fiasco and now it's up and all pretty again. It took about 35 minutes to revive and redo it!! Alls well now! Let the festivities begin!

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gwen said...

Merry Christmas--it looks like you are READY! Everything looks cute, adorable and nice, What a deal on the tree! But, I'm sure you got a good replacement Kids are a big help, and sounds like Cyn endured to the end! Hope she feels better. Now you can come and decorate my house!

Carol said...

Oh my! My decorations look pretty pathetic next to yours. My tree is still standing, though! Cynjyn is a cutie! Hope she's feeling better.

Krissy T. said...

Everything looks gorgeous as usual!

kc and k said...

Love your new-super-cute blog layout!
And, I love your Christmas decorations like always. Cynjyn is an extra-cute model!