Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to school night FHE

Last night we had our second annual back to school FHE.  We had dinner, not a "feast" like last year, just a normal dinner, then FHE.  I did the lesson and I chose our family theme based from a talk Elder Holland gave in April 2014 conference on discipleship.  Taz had just given a talk on that talk the week before in Sacrament Meeting, but it was good enough to reiterate.  I had ordered our stars in July.  Garry and Tanner got skinny ones and the rest of us got mini ones that I love!!

This was the quote I chose for our family theme and made a poster to hang above the mantle for the year. 
I did another layout of each child with a quote.  Cynjyn's picture is made with the words from the chorus of  Rachel Platten's Fight Song chorus and her name. Her quote is from Elenor Roosevelt.   Taz's dark picture at the bottom is made with the lyrics to Garth Brooks The River.  His quote is from the Giving Tree.

Tanner's quote is from the book Love You Forever.

Talon's quote is from a google search for quotes about boys.

Since only Taz and Cynjyn were starting school, they got father's blessings.

And just like that, summer is over and school starts tomorrow. 

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