Thursday, May 19, 2016

Time and all Eternity

Talon and Mikel were sealed in the temple on Thursday at 5:00pm. The venue practice ran later than normal as expected, so they left late pushing the limits of me not freaking out that they would be late.  The rest of us ran home and got ready.  As we were walking into the temple, I got a call from Garry that he was stuck in a big accident jam and didn't know if he would make it by 5!  I left his recommend at the front desk and we waited patiently.  He showed up a little after 4:30.  But Bishop showed up right at 5 as he was delayed by the accident too.  The ceremony was beautiful, but the sealer didn't have them look in the mirrors!  A big surprise was seeing Elder Farr there.  He even brought a date! He had said he would try to make it when we talked to him in January, but you never know and he came from Logan which is such a long drive.  But we were all so happy.  The weather was horrible and rainy.  A really big thunder storm was happening throughout the whole thing.  But just as they came out the door as Mr. and Mrs. Goon...the rain stopped!!

Mikel's grandma, mom and step dad had come to wait and support her and the Witt's stayed after the ceremony to hang with us through some pictures.  They said that we are now family since we've known each other forever and our kids grew up together and we see them all the time.  So that was nice to have their support.

Mom's and groom and bride.
Parents and grandparents.
Jessica and Talon and Mikel and Mike.
Mom and bride.
Gwen, Talon, Mikel and Carmen.
Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bill (haha) with the newlyweds.
Ky, Brian, Krissy, Ron, Gwen, Garry, Kim, Talon, Mikel, Jessica, Mike and Carmen.

We decided to walk over to the fountains where Talon proposed to Mikel...

and get some photos over there.
Krissy was the photographer and had a long skirt on, it got so wet around the bottom as she was kneeling and sitting in wet places to get good angles.

Brian went down the hill to get this one and I love how it turned out.

The kids had picked up Trey from the airport and headed up.  Unfortunately, Tanner took surface streets and it took them forever to get to the temple.  We had originally planned on having them come up and wait during the ceremony so we could get pictures after, but Trey came in at 5:15, and he ceremony was at 5.  But they showed up and we got a few shots.
 Trey, Taz, Tanner, Talon, Mikel, Ella and Cynjyn
 Add Kresimir and Beckham.

Poor Annalyn, she did not like being with all her older cousins that she didn't know.
She would not let Ky put her down.  So an aunt got in the picture with all the cousins.
After the photo shoot, we took everyone to the Fiesta Buffet for dinner.  It was super easy and a great way to feed a crowd.  The only bad part was that I had called for a reservation the day before, but they claim they didn't have us down.  But it all worked out and it was a great evening.

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Krissy T. said...

Seeing the happy couple at the temple plus some pictures I didn't totally mess up makes me so happy!