Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wedding Week Take 1

Ky, her boys, mom and dad showed up Sunday April 24th for the week. Ky was torn about whether to come down for the whole week and pull her boys out of school.  But since Taz had two games and it was his last year to play, she came.  She is always such a huge supporter of my kids and I really appreciate that of her, she's a terrific aunt!  Garry woke up Monday morning and tried to take a shower, but there was no hot water, out heater had gone out.  So he took the day off and arranged to get that fixed.  What a day for that to happen, I mean really!  So Monday we went to Taz's game.  He was kinda of sad because Michael, the libero was academically ineligible so Taz only played outside the first game then Bower moved him to libero. 

 Tanner actually went to the games since everyone was going and he entertained Kres and Beckham the whole time.  There was a gorgeous sunset as we left and I made him take a picture of us with it, but it never looks as good as in real life.  But trust me, God made us a beautiful world!
Talon and Mikel went to get their marriage license Monday and then mom, Ky and I took the to Deseret Book to get their garments and temple clothes.  We were there for three hours!
Tuesday, Talon and Mikel went to the temple for the first time to take out their endowments.  We had a lot of support from the ward with Witt's, Thatchers, both young and old, Dodie, Dave Hill,and Bishop Tanner.  It was lovely and Dad took us to Olive Garden afterwards.

Wednesday, Taz had another game.  Once again he played Libero and wasn't too happy.  He likes to show off his hitting especially when family is in town to watch.  Ky made fan shirts for Kres and Beckham and they cheered him on regardless of what position he played.

The front is a picture of him hitting and the back says Goon 4

I had taken the week off.  The boys got some card playing in, but not much it was so busy. 

The weather was crappy for swimming but cool for weddings.  Actually, it rained a lot, but we did manage good weather on Wednesday and heated the pool for Kres.  Krissy, Brian and Annalyn  arrived Wednesday morning!  Ella arrived Wednesday night!

Grandma wanted Kres to hear her and Tanner play a duet, so Chopsticks was the chosen one.  Kres was missing his piano recital to come here, so he practiced a lot. He is doing great!
Cynjyn and Mikel  danced for us.  We were trying to convince Talon to do his choreographed wedding dance with me, but he claimed he couldn't get it:(
He loves when family is in town.

Thursday morning, Mikel's aunt Gina arrived with tons of flowers and assorted things and we helped get the decorations ready.  It took up the whole kitchen and the whole morning.
Cynjyn and Ella had the main job of dethorning the roses.

Mom was unwrapping lanters, Talon was ironing tux shirts, I was running around getting Gina things she needed like baggies and what not. 
Krissy put together a few arrangements much to her dislike, but she did a great job.  We also filled all those canning jars you see with babies breath.
Ella and Cynjyn's next job was to make the bridesmaids bouquets. 
Cynjyn made her own!

They found Tanner and he helped them pull the petals off all those little yellow roses in the photo 5 photos above this one and put them in baggies to spread down the isle Mikel would walk on.

At 1, we had to be at the venue for a rehearsal.  Those of us in the wedding party.
Taz was at school, Cynjyn didn't go to school, so Ella was Taz for the rehearsal.
Luckily, the weather was cool enough that we could leave the flowers outside over night on the tables.

Garry took Friday off because we had to load up all those flower things and transport them to the venue by noon.  Luckily, Garry is the master packer and got everything in and packed firmly enough not to lose all those vases filled with water and flowers.  There was no room to spare, but we made it all in one trip!!

and that was our week of preparations and outside fun. 

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