Thursday, May 26, 2016

Venue fun

A lot of fun was had at the venue. Cynjyn got to go early to get ready in the bridal suite.  Ella went with her and was my official photographer.  She got a "get ready gift" from Mikel with a kimono robe, hair spray, bobby pins etc.

Each bridesmaid got an engraved necklace too.

I went up and had Cynjyn do my hair and makeup.
The photographer took some photos and I snuck some snaps with my cell phone.
Apparently, the grooms suite was much calmer and boring, not nearly as  big and nothing very exciting was going on.

The bridal suite was huge and pretty and full of prepping and pictures.

Grandma and Taz came up and we snapped a shoe photo.




They really do love each other, I promise!
Ready to rock and roll...

Talon seemed relaxed and calm, Ella was given the camera and told to take photos of the decor and the whole event, she did a great job!
The groom and his ladies...
Kresimir practicing "the walk"
Beckham was the ring bearer and Kresimir the sign holder
Such handsome nephews I have!
We were relaxed and able to have a good time.

Talon and Mike Van getting the show started.
Tanner walked the grandma's in and seated them
Taz walked the momma's

Beckham took his job seriously as he gave the rings to the best man and maid of honor

Kres was the perfect sign holder

Jet walked Mikel down the isle

Cynjyn was escorted away by her two brothers

Beckham joined them, he wasn't going to miss out on any fun!
Sibling photo, in birth order even.  It was so nice to have everyone there.

 Mi Familia

I love my extended family:  Krissy, Annalyn and Brian Terry
Traci, Randy and Ella Waite
Jodi, Robert and Trey Waite
Waiting patiently for photos to be taken

The new Goon family

The bridal party got to make a grand entrance and be announced down the staircase to start the dinner off. 
Kresimir and Beckham were so excited about this part of the night.

The first dance.  They had taken lessons in October and were constantly practicing for this big moment.

RJ was Talon's best man and gave a very heartfelt speech/talk about the love he and Talon have shared for many years now.  It was really good.
Mikel's friend Annette gave a toast
and her other friend from Washington

Her mother also gave a toast. At one point, they cut the cake.  It was a fake cake with just a little portion for them to cut.

Things got a little messy.
The mother daughter dance was choreographed and they could both really dance and got into it. 
Cynjyn had choreographed a super cute dance for the four of us to do all together, but Talon refused to do it, so he and I just danced to Over the rainbow.  I hate doing that and being the center of attention, so we could cut it off at any time and it was short and done and then everyone could dance the night away. 

Annalyn totally got into it and the glow rings were a big hit. (I think Ky thought of bringing those!)

The music stopped at 10:30 and everyone left.  We packed up and headed out.  The only tricky thing was that Garry had let Taz go home earlier in the Honda, just him.  So we had to fit all the decor, presents and Tanner, Cynjyn and Ella into the suburban to go home.  It was a tight squeeze, but we managed to do it.  We went right to the church and unloaded everything there for the reception.  Garry had Cynjyn time us and it literally took 5 min!!  We were all exhausted, but knew we had another big day ahead of us.

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Krissy T. said...

So many great memories of a great couple of days--despite the not so great weather!