Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Farewell Weekend

Taz had his farewell talk September 18.  It was the only time because of General Conference.  We decided to make it a weekend and invite family that could come down and do his endowments the same weekend.  Mom and Dad and Krissy, Brian and Annalyn flew down.  That meant the hot tub was warmed up and Taz enjoyed a swim with Annalyn.

 We went to Claim Jumper for lunch.  Their flight got in at 10 am and Brian and Krissy love Claim Jumper. 

 We went to the football game that night.  It was homecoming and they got to see Cynjyn perform with band and dance team, so that was a fun bonus.  Here is the sophomore class float.

We had an appointment at the temple for the 10 am session.  Taz and Garry had to be there at 9 am so they left before us.
It was a lovely day and the session with smoothly with support from the ward.  Bishop Tanner, the Hills, both Thatchers, Trent Jenkins, Thelma Carn, Shafers and Vans came.
A lot of family support was present too.  Me and Garry,
Grandma and Grandpa
Krissy and Brian
Talon and Mikel.
It was a glorious morning. 
We headed to cheesecake factory afterwards, but it was a 45 min. wait.  So Talon and Mikel ran across the street to Lucille's and it was a 5 min. wait.  We ran over there and were seated right away.
This is Talon's favorite restaurant. 
Lyric met us there. 

Mom and I shared a meal and it was delicious.
This is how Taz prepared for his talk the next day.  He was sleeping on our floor which he always does when we have company and he gives up his room.
Sunday morning these three are ready for sacrament meeting.  Taz is talking and Tanner and Cynjyn are ready for their trio musical number.
It turned out hauntingly beautiful as they played If I Could Hie to Kolob.  Tanner wrote Cynjyn's flute part because it was just a violin/piano duet. 
 Taz gave an amazing talk on how he's scared and doesn't want to go on a mission, but he knows that that is where he needs to be and what he needs to do and if he didn't believe with all his heart that the church was true, there was no way he'd be going!  We had an farewell open house that night from 6-8 at our house and had a good turn out to say good bye to Taz.

Annalyn was very friendly and welcoming and remembered us all!  Especially Taz.
Saturday night this motley crue went to the strip to go to Sprinkles.  We got cupcakes and ice cream and had some good laughs.
 Tanner thoroughly enjoyed his red velvet cup cake.

It was fun to do something touristy again with extended family.

 Annalyn loved being in the midst of whatever was going on!  Cynjyn and Becca have a mean game of speed going on in the background.
 And of course Hand and Foot kept us up late.

It was a quick exhilarating, exhausting weekend, but we are so grateful for family and friends that made it memorable.

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Krissy said...

I loved his farewell talk and the music was beautiful! So glad I got to be there. Just last night we were at dinner with Steven and we got on the subject of Sprinkles, and I was remembering the fun we had there laughing at silly things!