Sunday, November 20, 2016

October Little Things

Cynjyn and her squad had a lunch together at Olive Garde. They actually got Adrienne to join them and had a great time.  They went to Town Square afterwards.
Bagherra's gettting bigger, but still likes to cuddle.
We had our ottoman filled with goodies and a word associated with each snack.  Whenever that word was said during conference, we got to grab a goodie.  We had cheese and crackers, fruit, cookies and candy, chips and dip. 
Everyone enjoyed conference this year:)

I was excited as usual to put up my Halloween.

Talon had his usual fall sickness and couldn't breathe very well and ended up on the couch with the fan and cooler open area.  Notice his arsenal of toilet paper and kleenex on hand.
Taz, busy in the garage making Lyric's picture frame.

Tanner's birthday request dessert.
And turning 22!!!
He requested a few days off around his birthday and he and I are on a quest to find a good mexican restaurant, so we hit one up in Boulder City for his birthday lunch. 
Taz joined us and he LOVED his fajita's and Tanner and I enjoyed our meal.  That mini taco salad on my plate is a TOSTADA.  It was huge and yummy!

We also went to the Ren fair for his birthday.  I got ticket's for $1.00, plus a $4.95 service fee, but still better than $13.00.  We took Lyric with us.

There isn't much to do there now, it's become really commurcialized, there are mostly booths to spend money on...when we used to go years ago, there were little shows and stuff to watch, not so much this year, but there was yummy Dole Whips just like at Disneyland.

Cynjyn's make up done up for her marching band performance.

We got new lamps for our head board in our bedroom at IKEA after years of having some big old lamps. 
Taz's last Sunday meal guessed it...chicken rolls.  And we got Lyric and Taz to help out too!
We said goodbye to Talon's first car, the Ford Taurus.  Taz has been driving it for a couple of years now.  It has no air and the tires are terrible, but never the less, we gave it to Charlie, along with two tires we bought for him to keep on hand when they go.   Charlie doesn't yet have his license, but he almost does and happily drove away in his "new" car with his dad.
Norma often comes home with Cynjyn on Monday's.  For some reason this day they immediatly plopped down in the LR with Bentley.  I snapped a photo..
And then they said, "did you just take a picture?'  I said yes and so they wanted another one with them posing.

We stopped by our old houses when we dropped Taz off at the MTC.  Here is our married student housing apartment.

Third floor.
And our little house turned into six little apartments, with us in the basement.
Tanner's coworker, Beth came over to help him dye his hair.
Cynjyn performed at the Pink cancer awareness game.
And she is the walking girl in the white shirt among the band.
Garry and I helped out at the Silverado Showdown.  He did parking again
and I controlled people going in and out during performances.
It was super windy that night, so Cynjyn got hit in the cheek by one of the color guards flags and had a bruise.
Sister Gier and Sister Dyer with Lyric.
YW in Excellence.  Cynjyn spoke at it and helped write the skit.
Her last home football game.
Talon, Mikel and I voted at early voting on Halloween at the library.  It was NOT crowded and we walked right in. 

Tanner also voted for the FIRST time later that day when he got off work. 

And that's the little things inOctober.

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