Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Halloween was pretty low key this year. Cynjyn and Tanner made their own costumes and Garry and I only helped Cynjyn a little because it was one of her YW projects.  Everyone but me went to Trunk or Treat because I was at the airport with the Thatchers taking pictures of Gavin's homecoming from his mission.  I did end up going to T or T late, ate and left because it was just getting over when I got there.  This was the game Garry made for it. 
Cynjyn had been planning to be the Queen of Hearts since last year as she always goes trick or treating with the Hopkins and they theme.  They were going to be Disney villians.  Cynjyn did an awesome job on her costume.  The only bad thing was she didn't go with the Hopkins this year because Becca opted to bring her boyfriend instead.  She ended up only wearing this to Trunk or Treat and going Trick or Treating with a group of friends who decided to dress up as soccer players.
Tanner was the Cheshire Cat.  Some of his friends at WM were dressing up as the queens of spades, diamonds, heart and clubs.  He doesn't have the shoes on yet.
Here they are on their way out

For FHE Sunday, we carved pumpkins.  I use that term loosly.  Mikel, Cynjyn and Garry carved.  I told Garry what to carve and Mikel and Cynjyn had their own ideas and did their own thing.  I was there cheering them on the whole time.  Tanner was in bed and Talon was watching football.

And another exciting thing happened on Halloween... Talon and Mikel had their 4D ultrasound and found out the sex of the baby, but they had the technician put the results in an envelope and I handed it over to Jen so she could make the reveal cake scheduled for Nov. 18, so only two people know the gender!!

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