Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Staheli Farms

We had no school the last Friday in October, so Cynjyn and I decided to take a trip up to St. George and visit a place called Staheli Farms.  They have a corn maze and a Field of Screams haunted house/corn field and some other fun things to do. 

We got there fairly early because we planned on eating before going, but it's the first exit before you actually get into St. George and it is a farm, so there aren't any places to really eat.  So we had a lot of time to kill before it got dark enough for the Field of Screams.

Kate, Kaela and Lyric went with us. 
You rode a wagon pulled by a  truck back and forth between the corn fields and the main farm.
We went over to the maze the first thing. 

Cynjyn kept asking if we were going to split up and go our own way, she was the only one that wanted to. 
So after the pictures, she sprinted off on her own!  That is her in the distance running away!
I was by myself for awhile and wondering which way to go.  Apparently they have a revel of what the corn maze will be each year.  This year it was Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. Click here to see what the maze looked like: Corn maze

Here I have to chose which path to take.  All the time I'm alone I can hear the girls calling out to each other "Where are you?"  Finally I hear Cynjyn calling "mom, where are you?"

I saw a bloody dead bird while I was trying to find the girls.
Finally we meet up, but we can see each other now we have to find out how to get to each other.  We were in the Maze for about 45 min until we finally made it out!  It was fun.
We saw some people from our ward there, the Osburns, so Cynjyn took a slide with Robby and Mei.
We enjoyed the events and activities while waiting. 
They had little piglet races which were super cute and the girls favorite piglet won apparently since they are so happy.

Finally it started to get dark and
We had VIP passes so we were at the front of the line for the Field of Screams.
The girls made me go first...bad mistake, but we made it through the experience and were home before 10pm.  It was a super fun day and I'm glad we went.

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