Friday, December 12, 2008

The celebration continues

Tiffany got Cynjyn cupcake factory for her birthday.

Grandma got her a dress for her birthday.

We wet down to Belagio and watched the fountains.

Here's my sister Krissy and her fiance Brian.

My mom and dad.

My sister Ky, nephew Kres, Taz and Cynjyn.

And here we all are at her baptism. Grandma played the piano and Krissy lead the music.

We didn't have anything abnormal happen like at Taz and Tanner's baptisms, but Talon had his first final from 4-6, he got to the baptism just as the font doors were closing, so he missed seeing the actual baptism, but was able to stand in the circle for the confirmation, even though he was in his jeans. Also, in this picture, Talon and Tanner were trying to one up each other on who was the tallest. Talon HATES it that Tanner is taller than him!

We are so proud of Cynjyn!
This post took forever to post as my computer has been acting up. So here it finally is after sitting as a draft for a week:(


Carol said...

What a beautiful dress on a beautiful eight-year old girl! Congratulations Cynjyn!

Note: 007--I know who you are! :o) I just wish I could think of something like that or 99 like Deb.

gwen said...

I wondered why this post took so long! It was a nice baptism, and a beautiful, happy family. Sorry, Talon, Tanner wins!!

kc and k said...

So beautiful! I love that she loves pretty dresses!

p.s. Tanner is taller than everyone!!!

Krissy said...

It was a fun time! I'm glad it worked out that we could make it down for the weekend!