Friday, December 26, 2008

No pictures, but fun memories

We had a low-key, but fun Christmas Eve. Garry had to work, but got off early and was home a little before 4. The kids and I were watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Our suburban had been in the shop for two days because it didn't pass our annual smog test, so we ran to pick that up before they closed. Talon and Tiffany were delivering last minute gifts. Talon got back at 5;30 and we started our festivities. We had our usual snack type foods for dinner: Potstickers, little smokies, chips and dip, cheese ball and crackers, soda, etc. Then we played some games. I had bought a bunch of little items, about 14 (things like candy, magic tricks, silly putty, stress balls etc.) and laid them all out on the table. We each had a grocery bag and a die. We took turns rolling our die and when we got a 6 we got to take something from the table and put it in the bag. As soon as everything was gone, we continued rolling the dice for 5 min. and everytime we got a six, we could steal something from someone if we could remember who had it and what it was. I had bought a bunch of things at the $1.00 store, several magic tricks, so that kept everyone busy for awhile trying them out after the game was over. Then we had a family relay. We always like doing them for FHE activities, so we made one up to do on Christmas Eve. Talon, Taz and I against Tanner, Garry and Cynjyn. This is what we had to do. We had to line up and pass the lifesaver to our teammate with a toothpick in our mouth, then back to up the line. Then the first two people in line (Talon and Taz for us, Garry and Cynjyn for them) had to "wheelbarrow" the littlest ones to the stairs. Then they ran up the stairs to Taz and Cynj's room and had to print their full name on a piece of paper, grab a stress ball and bring it down to the next in line who in turn had to run up and sign the paper with the stress ball and bring it to the last in line. Well, Garry and Talon were the last leg and it was hilarious how they were keeping each other there until Tanner and I returned to even out that last leg. They were pulling, pushing and shoving all the way up the stairs and down. It was a fight to the finish and I'm happy to report no one was seriously hurt while playing this game. I don't even remember who won as we were all collapsed on the couch laughing hysterically by the end of the relay. After that, we played the chocolate bar, dice, gloves, hat and scarf game and then 5 of us went in the jacuzzi while Talon wrapped Tiffany's presents. (Tiffany's cousin was in town, so she was out with her.) After we got out of the jacuzzi, we read "I do Believe in Santa" and then Taz, Tanner and Cynjyn got Santa's goodie plate together and by then it was 10:00pm and everyone scurried off to bed! It was a great night for us all. Well, my camera dock somehow got unplugged, so later I'll post some pictures of Christmas day. Now, I'm off to attempt to clean up the aftermath, or maybe I'll just curl up with a good, that seems to be calling me!! Enjoy your day everyone!


Carol said...

What a fun Christmas Eve! Yours was way more exciting than our traditional one. Hmmm....I may just have to change our plans next year. :o)

gwen said...

fun times!!Happy memories!! Among other things, Kres enjoyed "Are you sleeping?" You forgot that one!