Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brace Yourself

So, you've heard by now that LV got snow! On my way to preschool at 9:45, there were little, sporadic flurries. At 12 when preschool was over it started snowing harder. It was a slushy rainy snow. When I came home at about 1:30 from Toni's this is how it looked. Talon and Cynjyn were loving it at this point.

Taz had gone to Lawson's after preschool. Talon told me I HAD to pick Tanner up from school early because this was a once in a lifetime event for Vegas and Tanner shouldn't be sitting in class. So Cynj and I went to get Tanner and then we took Taz some snow gear. I got a picture of him and Tanner in front of Borla's and then Taz stayed there the rest of the day. Luckily, my good friend Linda assures me she took plenty of pictures of Taz!!

Cynjyn and Talon were having snowball fights and making monster snowballs off the snow on the cars. My back has the bruises to confirm this!

Talon made a little snowman on his car.

Tanner had an arsenal of snowballs he made to "welcome" dad home!

This is our yard! Early in the day too, it got much more snow.

Garry took this picture about 4:30 pm.

This one too.

Cynjyn actually had activity days even though Talon and Tanner's volleyball was cancelled because the rec centers closed, so I took her to the Robinson's house for caroling and picked up Taz on my way back. He decided to make a snowman. It turned out adorable. This was about 7:00 pm.

I picked up Cynjyn at 8:00pm and this is our tree in the front yard with a big broken branch.

This is the road in front of our house at 8:00pm when I stopped taking pictures for the night. School is closed today. The kids are so excited. The snow is melting fast now though and will likely be gone by the end of the day. We found out at 10 last night that schools were closed today and Talon immediatly said, "Does that mean work is cancelled too?" He wishes!!
I'm going to post some video later just because I know my family likes to see it. It was a beautiful day for us here in Vegas!


Carol said...

The roads were clear going to work this morning (darn--I wanted to stay home!) I wish I would have had a mom that got me out of school to experience such a rare event. What a great mom! This was such a treat!

kc and k said...

That's right!! Your family does want to see everything! I'm still in shock. But, HOW FUN!!! Love the snowmen and pictures! That was so cool that you got Tanner out from school!

gwen said...

As a retired teacher--I say, "Let everyone in Vegas stay home and enjoy this rare event!" You really got a lot of snow, and the excitement shows in the pictures and videos! However, if you really want snow, cometo Oregon. We have about a foot, high winds and the temp is 3 degrees! And, School wasnt' closed! Have fun!

Ron said...

Great videos. Desert Rats + Snow + no school = whackos. Ha

Krissy said...

Ok, I have to admit I was saying "what wimps" when I heard on the news that school had been canceled in Vegas, flights had been stopped, etc. But, wow, that actually is quite a bit for Vegas! You didn't make snow ice cream or snow cones?

Melanie said...

When we saw this on TV this week, I told Ryan that it snowed once when we were living there. Do you remember that? It was on a Sunday, and I think we passed a dozen accidents on the way to church! :)