Friday, March 27, 2009

Just keeping it fair

My kids do read my blog from time to time. Three fourths of them pointed out that in my last tag, I only included Taz. They thought that wasn't fair, so, in all fairness I revisited the 6th folder on my computer and within the first 10 pictures, I found one that included all of us and what we were doing at the time: Tanner had just earned a cub scout badge and the pictures we took at pack meeting didn't turn out, so we are reliving them and he's pinning the mother's pin on me.
Talon had just finished reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" (Actually, I read it to him, he's not much for reading on his own!) for English and had to design a gameboard based on the book. So we turned it into a "Clue" like game "Who killed the mockingbird"

Hunter Witt had come over and the boys were playing outside and he fell into the neighbors cactus. So Garry spent an hour or so pulling the stingers out of his hand. Notice Austin Close in the background! (Always had a house FULL of boys during that time period!)

Close up of the damage! Hunter was brave, but in a lot of pain!

Cynjyn was invited (actually, the whole family) to a birthday party where they had a PETTING ZOO come!! She bonded with the goat! And that was some of our Fall 2005 events!
Now ALL my kids should quit bugging me and be happy they got on the BLOG!


Carol said...

I love these older pictures of your kids. The cactus needles look painful, but Cynjyn looks so cute!

gwen said...

Kids are sensitive about that sort of thing! Pretty soon they think you have a "favorite"! It's hard to include everyone all the time!

kc and k said...

Those cactus wounds are crazy!!! Yes, I'm glad you're being fair and making sure Austin and Hunter are well represented:) The kids look so young. I forget how much and fast they change until I look back.