Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nevada Reading Week

It is once again Nevada Reading week and both Taz and Cynjyn had to do Books in Bags this week. Cynjyn's was due yesterday, so we worked on hers at the beginning of the week. I had just finished reading The BFG to her by Roald Dahl. She loved that book, so we decided that was it. Garry helped make the BFG, but Cynjyn drew Sophie and glued him to his ear.
Inside we put (from left to right: the dream blower, the dream bottles, the snozcumber, and lastly, frobscottle. She presented the book on Wednesday and from what I hear, she did a fabulous job.

If you don't know what these objects are, go read the book!! Kids love it. I went into her class today and was a guest reader. I took a book that my mom had written called "The Elk Story". The kids loved it. I also took in a book I'd written for Taz and one I'd written for Cynjyn. Cynj told me I was forbidden to read her book to the class because she'd be too embarrassed. So I was explaining to the class how my mom wrote down adventures that we'd had as kids and turned them into books and gave them to us for birthdays and Christmas presents and how she'd done the same thing to her grandkids and so I got the idea and started writting books for my kids. After I read the Elk Story, the kids begged Cynjyn to let me read the book I'd written for her, so she relented and I read that one too. They loved it and I encouraged them to write down their own adventures and turn them into books and read them and share them with family and friends for many years. It was a fun afternoon. Tomorrow, I go to Taz's class to read "Cowboy Taz" and his book in bag is due, so, since it's not complete (or even started for that matter), I'll post those pictures later. We've been doing a lot of reading this week and I started reading Hatchet to Taz. Tanner's already read it but is sitting in for the reading because it's so good. Taz is funny and is usually bouncing a ball or pacing while I'm reading except when I get to the tense, scary parts and then he's snuggled right up next to me on the bed until that parts over!! Cynjyn's been making a chain of books she's read this week, and has the longest chain in her class. I went and got 25 books from the library at the beginning of the week and we've finished them all. Garry reads those to her while I'm reading Hatchet to the boys. Happy Reading!


gwen said...

What as cute way to report a book! I'll have to read it. I'm so glad you were able to share our books. Reading is fun and writing is even more fun!

Carol said...

I'd love it if you'd post a sample of the books you and your mom have written. I think that is a great idea to promote journal writing. You do such fun things with your kids!

kc and k said...

Cute job, Cynj!

Ron said...

I agree with Carol. Can we see some comments on our "Watcha Reading" blog you can link to on her blog?