Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Great Outdoors

We spent the first week here in Boise. Our second week, we made it to La Grande and our glorious mountains and farm country. This is Tanner's only week here, so we jammed everything that we love to do into this week!! We went to Ladd Canyon with the four wheelers and rode up to the cabin and let the kids ride around in the meadow. Cynjyn found a beautiful patch of wild flowers and picked bouquets for me and Grandma. It was beautiful and peaceful up there.

Then one night we went up to Marley Creek with the guns and four wheelers and hot dogs and smores to roast. First was shooting. Tanner, Taz and I started with the 410, but the kick hurt Taz's shoulder, so he wanted the smaller gun. So Grandpa got out the 22 and we started target shooting. Taz and Tanner and I got really close to a bulls eye and Cynjyn even shot, but I was helping her, so I didn't get a picture of that (You'll have to go to my moms blog to see that picture). Krissy and mom even shot. Krissy got the bulls eye of the LEAF!! After we exhausted that, Tanner shot the 410 at clay pigeons. Ella and Krissy were the throwers and we got quite a laugh out of that as they swung more often than the pigeons took flight.

The kids started getting hungry, so Grandpa started the fire for the roast. Meanwhile, the kids played in the creek catching dozens of Crawfish, that no one was brave enough to throw on the fire for dinner. After a lovely dinner of roasted hot dogs, coleslaw, homemade mac and cheese and chips with s'mores for dessert, we headed home in search of elk. We saw three herds and about 20 deer on the way home. A beautiful end to the evening.

Back in La Grande the next day, Randy and Trampis came for a baseball tourny Trampis was in. We went back out to Ladd with the guns and four wheelers one day with them. Randy was there and so we were able to have a strong strapping young man that could work the clay pigeon shooter, so two pigeons were able to come out at once. Trampis shot the 20 gauge and the rest of the kids shot the 410, need I say most pigeons broke because they fell to the ground, not because the kids got them, but TAnner and Trampis did pretty good!

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Krissy T. said...

Fun, fun, fun! Didn't it hurt Randy's bad shoulder to fling the pigeons?

Kimberly said...

Randy was flinging the pigeons by a thrower that was kind of automatic--it didn't require actually throwing. He just released a lever and the pigeons took flight! Both days were great fun! (Mom's comment)

Carol said...

Looks like fun! I haven't shot a gun since the olden days.

kc and k said...

I love that you come up for the summers! Krissy's leaf shot-so funny!

Ron said...

Oh, man-o man-o man-o man, I do miss that type of country! You missed out on good eats by not cooking those crayfish. I did that with scouts one year, when the fish weren't biting, caught grayfish instead. We also shot 22 cal pistol on this "scout trip."

The Schauers Family said...

So fun to see all your summer activities. Goodness how tall is Tanner? Brandon is now taller than me so he is over 6' now -- amazing weeds these boys are! Miss you!