Monday, July 13, 2009

A scary end to our summer evening

I was working on my previous post last night about 10:30 pm. Everyone had gone to bed but me, Tanner and Trey. It was still raining and there was thunder and lightening. Trey was in the kitchen brushing his teeth, I was on the computer and Tanner was on the couch right beside me watching me blog. All of a sudden there was a loud pop, and the light went out. Trey screamed adn came running at full speed into the family room where we were. The computer was the only light on because I'm on a laptop and it went into battery mode. Soon Grandpa came out of his room with a flashlight. We went outside and all the lights were out in our neighbors land and even the truckstop down the street had lost power. So, Tanner, Trey and I got a flashlight, I finished my post and we attempted to go to bed. Trey was too spooked to sleep on the couch so he came in the bedroom with Tanner and I and slept on the floor!! Around 3 am, the power came back on and all was well. Here is Tanner right before we went to bed, having a little flashlight fun!!
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Carol said...

I love that picture! Spoooooky!

Krissy T. said...

Funny! Tell Trey I'm not sure it is the best idea to take off running full blast if it is pitch black in the house!

Garry said...

How fun. I wish I was there!

Ron said...

Great picture. You slept on the floor? What a nice mom... how's your back?