Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week three, back in Boise

So this week we were back in Boise because my mom and dad work in the temple the second week of every month. We didn't see much of them as they worked all day Tue-Fri. We got there Monday night. Tuesday, we didn't do much. Brian's niece Kylee came over and spent the day with Cynjyn. They made cookies with Krissy and played all day. Taz, Tanner and I spent the day at Ky's house.

Wednesday, we spent the day at the local water park Roaring Springs. It was a fun day, we were there from 11:30-4.

Taz and Cynj take Kres down the kidie slide.

Tanner, Taz and Cynj go down a family slide.

We made Tanner pose with Krissy, he didn't want to, but he did!

Taz and Cynjyn needed no coaxing to pose here.

We ordered a family pizza special around 2 and that was a nice break for lunch.

The kids all loved the wave pool. Taz got as close to the front as possible.

Cynjyn and Ky were right behind him.

Tanner had already been, so he volunteered to stay with Kres in the kiddie pool so Ky could go as she hadn't been in it yet. Actually Tanner was quite the trooper and spent a great deal of time watching Kres.

Krissy stayed in the middle of the pool.

Here we all are getting ready to float down the lazy river. Taz was taking Kres on the tube and Tanner was right behind them. Just after this was taken, Taz and Kres got their tube tipped over by the waterfall and they both went under. Taz bravely held Kres above water even though he was being held under by the waterfall and the weight of Kres until Tanner got to them. He saved the day. He is Kres's hero!

At the very end of the day Taz and Cynj had been dying to go on the Avalance, but were kind of chicken and none of us were brave enough to go with them. Finally they decided to go. Tanner carried their tube up for them as it was pretty heavy, then they went on it. It was so steep and scary looking, but they both liked it. The picture doesn't do it justice.

After the water park, it was a night of bliss. We'd been waiting all year for Harry Potter 6 to open. We all went that night to a 6:15 movie. Ella, Taz, Cynjyn, Me, mom, Clay, Ky and Tanner. Ky got sick about 20 min. into it and had to leave (she'd hurt her neck at the water park and it made her very nauseus). We all really enjoyed the movie.

Grandma and Tanner waiting for it to start. We got to the theater about an hour early to get good seats and there was a really long line for the 5:40 show. We got in that line, we were about in the middle, and when they let them in that put us in the front line for our 6:15 movie, we had prime seats and ours wasn't nearly as crowded as that earlier showing.

Lola, Taz and Cynjyn relaxing on Thursday after our long Wednesday!

Cynjyn and Taz rolled up in a blanket entertaining Kres and Ella at Ky's house.

Friday before heading back to La Grande, we ate lunch at a Souper Salad bar. Taz had to reminisce over the cruise we'd taken in Feb. by recreating his biggest cone ever!

Cynjyn happily ate her Sundae. We did have a little adventure on Thursday night. We went to the Snake River Stampede! Krissy was the only one to remember her camera, so when she gets here to La Grande tomorrow, I'll steal her disc and blog about that. We had a fun time. In the mean time, you can go here to see her explanation about it. You'll have to read through mine too though once I get her pictures for posterities sake, I'll be blogging it.

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Carol said...

Love the pics! Looks like a fun waterpark--I miss Wet N Wild.