Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still in Vegas (at least on the blog)

Poor Cynjyn, that flu really took a toll on her little body. She was feeling much better, but stayed home from church on Sunday regardless. She had set up a little play area on the stairs and pretty soon, this is how we found her! (She slept all the way to Vegas and has taken several naps while here in Oregon.)
This was her playing are all day Sunday.

Tanner was able to meet with an assisted living center in Vegas the day before we left for Oregon and got permission from the director to map lap quilts for the residence this fall for his Eagle project. So he will spend this summer doing his write up and getting it approved and then hopefully by September, we can start making those 105 lap quilts.

Taz and Cynjyn were spending as much time as they could with their friends before we left for the summer. One day Becca and Josh were over and I kept them happy by giving them 2 lbs. of strawberried and a bowl of melted white chocolate!!

Later in the day this is how I found Josh and Taz, playing Wii and hula hooping while doing it. I thought that was so funny because they were playing a Mario Kart game and they just looked liek they were having the best time.

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Carol said...

How pathetic is that! Poor Cynjyn! If I can help Tanner with the lap quilts, let me know.

Ron said...

Oh yuck, that flu is hanging on. Good job Tanner!

Toni said...

Kim--I miss you even though every thing is fine here. Hope all is well with the kids now. The quilts are a great idea.