Monday, July 27, 2009

Promised Rodeo Pictures

If you went to my sisters blog and saw theses already, sorry, but I have to put this post in my blog. I grew up in Pendleton Oregon, home of the famous Pendleton Round-up. This was an annual rodeo that really brought the town to life for the 5 days it lasted. We went to the rodeo often. School was closed for this event and it was always a fun vacation. I always wanted my kids to experience it. But alas, it was always the second week of September and my kids were always in school. One year, when I only had Talon and Tanner, I took Talon out of school and we made the trek to Pendleton for the rodeo. Ironically, Talon loved the bullfighter clowns and got an autograph of one of them. Flash forward to Taz. Eversince Taz was a baby, he wanted to be a bull rider. He would get a cowboy outfit everyyear for his birthday. He was obsessed wtih bull riding. I even wrote him a story about his obsession. He has since outgrown it a little as his fear of bulls has kicked in and he now just enjoys watching the crazy cowboys on the back of those big bulls. So when we were in Boise and my sister Ky's friend was in the rodeo and she wanted to go, we decided to attend. It was Taz's first rodeo and it was pretty fun. Here we are waiting for the festivities to begin: Cynjyn, Ella, me and Taz.
Ky's friend is in a famous group of riders that go all over to rodeos to perform. They did a preshow here and it was in the dark and they had their uniforms lit up with lights and it was pretty cool.

After the rodeo, they had an autograph section which we waited for and we got all the autographs of the clowns (3), the rodeo court and the riders. We got the picture with the famous clown!!

Here's Ky's friend Emily posing with the kids. We had a great time.

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gwen said...

Rodeos are fun once in awhile! This was indoors, so you didn't have to bear the awful heat! Great idea--I know the kids were excited!

Krissy T. said...

Luckily, this one went quicker than than the Pendleton Round up does1 I agree, it was nice to not have to sit in the sun all day too!

Carol said...

I've only been to one bullriding rodeo and I never want to go again. Scary stuff! Looks like you all had a good time.

Rob, Jodi, and Trey said...

Kim, we started a blog! Add us to your blog.

Ron said...

Luckily for you, his fear of bulls has "kicked in." I always wonder about the term, "cowboy up" after one gets hurt and walks off in a daze.. crazy way to make a living.