Friday, March 27, 2009

Just keeping it fair

My kids do read my blog from time to time. Three fourths of them pointed out that in my last tag, I only included Taz. They thought that wasn't fair, so, in all fairness I revisited the 6th folder on my computer and within the first 10 pictures, I found one that included all of us and what we were doing at the time: Tanner had just earned a cub scout badge and the pictures we took at pack meeting didn't turn out, so we are reliving them and he's pinning the mother's pin on me.
Talon had just finished reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" (Actually, I read it to him, he's not much for reading on his own!) for English and had to design a gameboard based on the book. So we turned it into a "Clue" like game "Who killed the mockingbird"

Hunter Witt had come over and the boys were playing outside and he fell into the neighbors cactus. So Garry spent an hour or so pulling the stingers out of his hand. Notice Austin Close in the background! (Always had a house FULL of boys during that time period!)

Close up of the damage! Hunter was brave, but in a lot of pain!

Cynjyn was invited (actually, the whole family) to a birthday party where they had a PETTING ZOO come!! She bonded with the goat! And that was some of our Fall 2005 events!
Now ALL my kids should quit bugging me and be happy they got on the BLOG!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Tag

Lindsey tagged me to do a 6th folder 6th picture and tell about it. This is from my Fall 2005 folder. I was homeschooling Tanner and Taz that year and this was a "craft" we made during one of our sessions. The kids loved being homeschooled, especially Tanner because he could sleep in. Taz loved it because he got to stay in his PJ's all day. One year was enough for me (If you do it right, it's a lot of work) and they were back in school the next year!!

I tag Heather, Audra, Ky, Mom!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Off to Hawaii

Talon helped Richard and Steven decorate the get away car. He did all the writing and they filled the car with helium ballons.

Here they come...

...there they go, just as soon as they get all those balloons out!! Hope they have fun in Hawaii, what a way to start off married life!! Good luck Brian and Krissy Terry!!

The reception

Krissy was good about giving everyone a job. Taz was in charge of the candy table, Tanner helped out at the cake table and gift table and Trey and Trampis were gift takers too. They look real busy don't they!!
Cynjyn and Ella in the reception line.

The Goon family.

Me, my brother Randy, Krissy, my brother Robert, my sister Kylene

Talon, Ella, Trey,Tanner holding Kresimir, Cynjyn Trampis, Taz

All of the cousins. It's not often we're together as a whole family, so we were able to update the cousin picture. To bad Beckham is still in his mommy's tummy (only four more weeks!!), this picture will be outdated come May 1st! (Not soon enough for Ky!)

Candy buffet
Gift Table

Close up as gift table

Guest table, Talon was in charge and everyone had to fill out a little blank card and then he took their picture.

Punch fountain

The receiving line, people came in and signed the guest book and then walked the red carpet to the receiving line.

The candy buffet and the cake table.

Another of the candy buffet.

An over view of the entrance. It was actually fun planning and setting up. We couldn't have done it without our crew. We started at 8 am and were finished by 3pm and were able to go to the hotel and get ready and be back for pictures by 4:15. More to come!!

How many people does it take to string chinese lanterns?

Apparently a lot. Here are the ones assembling them.
Stringing them was quite a chore as they kept falling off.

But in the end, we got the job done!

The decorating crew

Garry and I have had the privilege of decoration all of the receptions for all my brothers and sisters. Krissy asked us about a month ago to do hers. She was trying to do it on her own, but became too stressed and turned the vision over to us. Mainly Garry had a vision and we made it happen. Here is our crew: Above, Tanner and Brian's sister Alisa and Garry. Me and my Aunt Billie Jo.

Billie, Tanner, my sister Ky, Talon and my mom.

Brian's two brothers Steven and Richard

My uncle Bruce (Billie's hubby) who is 6'8" and that height really came in handy on the ladders!

The balloon blowers: Richard, Tanner and Talon

Mom and Billie working on the candy buffet.

Dad is in the background with a big smile on his face. He mainly sat there and oversaw everything and wrote out checks to pay for it all...and still smiling??

Wedding time

My baby sister got married Friday. She's 14 years younger than me. She's waited along time for the right man to come around and the wait paid off. Brian Terry is the newest member of our family. We left for Boise Wed. night (stayed the night in Wells) and arrived in Boise Thursday afternoon. Krissy took out her endowments Thursday night. Friday at 2:00 pm, they were married for Time and all Eternity in the Boise Temple.

She had two bridesmaids, her nieces Ella and Cynjyn and then Brian's niece Kylie was the flower girl. Cynj and Ella loved all the flowers, dresses and attention.

It was so windy Friday that everyones hair was getting terribly messed up, but here is a picture of Krissy's immediate family that was there for that special day.
These are the bridesmaids and flower girl.

Friday, March 13, 2009


This was my shopping trip today at Smith's: 30 items, spent $22.87, that's $.76 per item. I was mad too because my printer wasn't working, so I could have saved some more with the coupons I couldn't print of the internet. Darn it, oh well, that's still a good saving!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Here is Cynjyn's reading chain from reading week. She read the most books in her class during the week. 84 links on her chain, the second was 81. This is how far it stretched, Alexa is holding the other end on the stairs.

I have been reading a lot lately and was quietly reading on Sunday and it occured to me that it was, well, quiet, so I took a minute to survey things and this is what I found: Talon and Tanner playing Stratego on the floor,

Garry reading and folding clothes (the clothes are folded and so he's reading!),

Taz playing with his toys on the stairs,

And Cynjyn making sticker wrappers into "cell phones" at the table. Here she is decorating them,

And this is what the finished "cell phone" looks like.
I observed that all was well, and everyone was happy and so I went back to quietly reading my book (Odd Thomas, because I know you're going to ask if I don't tell:))