Monday, June 14, 2010

Merry Christmas to us!!

For Christmas this past year, we gave everyone tickets to see Tarzan at Tuachan. Well, the time came and we went. We left LV at 3 and got to SG at 5, checked into our hotel and went to Chuck-a-Rama for dinner. The kids love that place, it's only o.k. for us adults. Talon and Tiffany stayed in LV because Tiff got a new job at Aria and had training until 5 (They got there just after the show started). We headed up to Tuachan after dinner. It is so beautiful up there and so much fun. The weather was perfect, not scorchingly hot and not jacket required cold.

Why the lady behind me has a blanket, I don't know??

The show started before dusk and we literally had front row seats. We couldn't get 7 together, so Talon and Tiffany were about 5 people away from us, but we were front and center!!

This is intermission. Talon and Tiffany didn't spend the night with us because Tiffany had to be at work by 9 the next morning and they are night owls, so they drove back after the show.

Our favorite part of Tuachan is getting to meet the actors after the show. We stay in our seats until the crowd disappates and then we meander up and meet the cast. Here is a gorilla.

This is Tarzan's mother, she has such a short part at the beginning then she's dead. The man was Jane's dad.

This is Kala, Tazan's gorilla mom.

This is Turk, his little friend, the comic relief.

This boy played little Tarzan and his real name was Talon G!!

I snuck in for the picture with Jane and Tarzan at the end.

We snagged this photo at the end on our way out.

The other play Tuachan is doing is CATS, but we aren't going to it. Garry and I saw it along time ago and it wasn't our favorite, so we didn't bother this year. After we got back to Vegas, we all watched the Disney version of Tarzan together because Taz and Cynjyn don't remember ever seeing it, that was fun to compare it to the play. This was a great family activity!

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Ron said...

Awesome!! We've GOT to see another show there (Carol's been but it was hot and not real enjoyable) and get front row seats.

kc and k said...

Will you adopt me and my kids?

Carol said...

We keep saying we're going to go to a show, but so far I've only been there the one time. I agree with the above--will you adopt me (just me, you don't have to adopt the rest of my family.)

gwen said...

Your kids will never be able to say you never did anything with then! What fun! I almost missed this post! Didn't see it at all until today.