Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beat it

Cynjyn has been taking a Cheer/Gym class this past year. I really wanted her to continue with dance, but she wants to go the cheerleading route so...They had their recital Saturday. It was at Ham Hall on UNLV and it was a 2 hour recital. Cynjyn's number was to Beat It as they did a dance section paying hommage to MJ.

They did a lot of tumbling runs in her piece and she was quite good and limber. Come fall, she's moving on to Hollywood Kids which is an acting performing group, so she STILL won't be in dance, but maybe, just maybe, she'll pick it up again. She did great Saturday and we were proud of her.

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kc and k said...

Kresimir and I are wondering if Mowgli is part of the dance? Go, Cynj! We wish we could have been there to see you perform. Kresimir wants to say that, "I love you, Cynjyn!" And, we can't wait to see everyone in a few days. Oh, he also wants to say, "we love Taz and EVERYONE! and lkjhgftklopiuyt but he doesn't know what that last thing spells?

Krissy T. said...

Good job, Cynj! Now, you MUST remember the routine so you can perform it for us soon!

gwen said...

This beautiful young lady is growing up toooo fast!! I'll bet she did a great job; and, yes, we expect a performance.