Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ya had to know this post was a commin!!

Any regular viewers of this blog know that I like to blog FHE activities. Well, this one was so much fun. We've watched Minute to Win it maybe TWO times but we liked it and of course all my boys sat around the TV saying how THEY could do that and win. Cynjyn was in charge of activity this past Sunday and she said LETS DO IT! So we scrounged around the house and came up with some Minute to Win it stunts. We all had so much fun. We divided into teams and had a representative of each of the three teams do a stunt. After it was over, there were a few favorites that everyone wanted to try. We didn't have an empty Kleenex box, so we made one with a shoe box and duct tape. Here are Cynjyn and Tanner trying to shake the 8 pingpong balls out of the box.

I did the jelly bean sort, but it was marbles and I had to sort 12 (4 of each color) into three different bowls.

This was by far the favorite. You had to drop the broom onto the paper plate which would flip a marshmellow into the air and you had to catch it with a cup.

This one I thought would be impossible. We stacked 4 quarters ontop of a $2.00 bill (thanks to grandma) on the edge of a cup and then you had to smack the bill and keep the quarters stacked. Tanner got 2 out of 4 to actually work!!

Talon actually did the nut stacker first thing, but I hadn't remembered at that point to take pictures. So I had Taz reenact it. We only had tiny nuts and we used a dowel, but Talon was able to accomplish it.

Taz did blow the joker where you put a stack of cards on a bottle and put the joker on the bottom and then you have to blow off all the cards except the joker.

He DID it and on his first stack, then he went ahead and did the second stack and DID it AGAIN!! WOW

Cynjyn ended the night practicing the marshmellow one. I would highly recommend this activity to any family caught in a what to do for activity? loop. We all loved it and had no prior preparation to pull it off.

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gwen said...

Sounds like fun and complicated! What super atheletes you have at ayour house!

Krissy T. said...

I've never really seen the show, but i know that is the craze right now! You will have to watch it more now to get the new ideas for next time!

Ron said...

Taz needs to get on that show, I've never seen anyone sucessful at the blowing the card, thing...

Carol said...

Wow! Taz is amazing! Even the Jonas brother (I forget which one) couldn't do it. I've been expecting an adult Ward party with this game--I'm sure someone has done it somewhere.