Saturday, December 4, 2010

My baby is 10!!

Cynjyn turned 10 yesterday. She is so fun to be around. She gets a bday dress everyyear from her grandma and this year, Grandma let her pick out her own over the internet. Cynjyn picked out a beautiful long black dress. It came last Friday. She was so excited to wear it to church. She put her hair up in curlers the night before and woke up and got dressed. She still wasn't feeling to well, but wanted to go. During Sacrament Meeting, she started feeling worse and Garry took her home. Tanner was already home sick too. She was so sad, but at least we got pictures in it. I did this digi layout in a new class I'm taking. It was the first lesson page. Hopefully you can read the journaling if you make the page bigger. Taking out the curlers.

What a model of a daughter she is.

We ordered lavendar satin gloves to go with it to bump up the price to get free shipping. I'd rather pay 10 dollars for gloves than 11 dollars for shipping!!

The back is adorable too. Anyway, she absolutly loves the dress!!

So, yesterday was her bday and she wanted a bike for her birthday. So after school, Garry and I took her bike shopping. She picked out this fancy blue one.

When she got home, Tanner and Taz had wrapped her other presents and had them waiting on the ottoman. She thought she was just getting the bike, so she was so happy to come home and have more presents to unwrap.

She got a new Barbie from Tanner,

And a new Barbie from Taz,

She also got a mini Tangled doll and some sock slippers. That evening, we went to the church for a Talent show put on by a boy doing his eagle project. After the talent show, we took her to Yogurtland for a birthday treat. She is actually having a party next Friday, this week was just to booked. So I'll post that after it happens.

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Heather said...

happy birthday Cynjyn! And, I loved all your Christmas decorations!!

Krissy T. said...

Happy Birthday, Cynj. Hope it was a great one! Love the dress, my favorite color :)

gwen said...

Happy Birthday, Cynjyn--you are BEAUTIFUL, and I love the dress! I'm sorry you were sick and had to go home from chrch, but I'm sure you will have lots of chances to wear it!