Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Eve

I scrapped our Christmas Eve festivities. It was a fun night, filled with a lot of laughing and bonding.  Mikel was a trouper and played as many games as her shoulder would allow.  Everyone was disappointed that I didn't have the pie eating contest that I had last year.  I guess next year we will have to do a "best of" games/competitions since it is becoming increasingly difficult to think of new group games. 

Here is the journaling on the scrapbook pages: (If you click on them, it inlarges them and you can see them better.)

We had a great time at our Christmas Eve festivities.  We started off with a dinner of sliders, cheese fries, grilled pineapple, onion rings, waffle fries, mini corndogs and mozzerella sticks.  Then we played Goblet of FIre.  The teams were me, Taz and Talon against Garry, Tanner, Cynjyn and Mikel.  She had just had shoulder surgery, so she was a handicap.  We then played a different version of the candy bar game with a big wrapped box and tossing the die.  When a six was rolled, we put on the gloves and started unwrapping.  It was amazing how bad Taz and Talon wanted to get to that little present in the final box.  I ended up with it, two Burts Bees chapstick!  Then we did the Minute to Win it games.  Tryuing to “blow” cups off the table with balloons, seeing how many marshmellows we can get into a cup with chopsticks, pitching marshmellows at a cup on Mikel’s head, a relay with banana and orange, and shooting a marble down a pool noodle to knock over PVC pipes set up.

After those, we did the annual gift draw that we do.  Cynjyn went first and got a game!  Ironic for her since she’s the only one that hates games.  In the end we all ended up with what we brought except Mikel and Garry, they got each other’s.  Mikel was no too happy with her jerky and measuring cup.  After that was over, we tried the gift Taz bought...freeze dried ice cream sandwich.  It was pretty good, then we played Talon’s game: Hollywood Game night.  And we finished the night with a hilarious game of Balderdash.  It was great to be all together and have nothing but time to spend with each other.

On a side note: Goblet of Fire is played where everyone puts a selected number of names (famous people, fictional characters etc. we chose to do 5 names each) into a bowl.  The first round is played by one person trying to get their teammates to say the name on the card by saying anything.  The second round is played by getting your teammates to say the names on the paper by only saying one word.  The third round is played by getting your teammates to say the name on the paper by acting it out only.  The same names are used the whole time and you go thru every name in each round.  We gave each team 30 seconds.

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