Saturday, December 13, 2014

Family photo shoot=Christmas cards

In August, we wanted to get a family photo shoot in before Tanner left for BYUI.  We hadn't done one for awhile and I was thinking ahead to Christmas pictures.  I felt fairly confident in our photography skills and so we went for it ourselves.  The kids actually wanted to go back to the temple for our shoot.  So, we headed up there on a Sunday evening.  These are the shots I've taken and edited myself.  We ended up with 165 photos from that night and these were my favorites that I played around with.  The first one is a reenactment of a photo we took the first time of the boys all lined up. 
Father and daughter
Husband and wife
Mom and sons.  The first one I added in a sky the second one I didn't.  I'm still not very good at adding and blending new stuff, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Mom and Daughter
And these are the family ones I liked.  This was the very first one we did. 
 This one we told the kids we were going to kiss, so they could pose appropriately, but then we decided at the last moment that that might cover them up so we held hands instead.  They were mad at us for not kissing.
 This is by far my favorite one.  We shot about 10 of them to get one we liked. 

This one was one of the last shots we did. It was getting pretty dark, but we went for it anyway.  It is the one we used for our family theme. 
I immediately decided to do some digital pages for display around the house since I wasn't too sure about my editing skills.   I could hide flaws in a digi page.  I think they turned out great. 

And then of course as this Christmas season came about I chose my favorite edited shots for our annual Christmas card.  I saved a ton of money because I was the photographer and editor and because I was ready for the card I ordered in October where you got a deal of 50 cards for $10 if you ordered before October 15!! whooo hooo...shoutout for savings!  The end.

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Krissy said...

Love them all! Just when I think I have a favorite, I see another favorite and can't decide. Great job!