Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Great Burger Challenge

Taz watches this YouTube show called Good Mythical Morning.  It has some pretty funny moments.  One episode they did a Burger challenge.  We decided to do our own burger challenge.  We set up the table with divider boxes so we couldn't see each other's side.  We cut blindfolds for everyone and gave each person a plastic glove and paper and pencil to record their answers. 
It is very nice to have 5 driver's in the house.  We gave everyone cash and all set out to get different burgers and meet back.  Talon went to Carl's Jr.  Tanner to Wendy's, Taz to Burger King, me to In and Out and Garry to Mc Donald's and Jack in the Box.  We all got home at about the same time and cut the burgers into 8 pie shaped pieces.  We also got fries from each place. 

We took turns feeding each other the bite of burger with the team tasting blind folded.  After we ate, we wrote down where we thought it was from.  Then we fed the other team.  When we finished the burger's we did the same with the fries.  After thinking back on it, the fries were pretty cold and it was hard to identify them.  We should have done the fries first. 

This is the after math of the eating. 

We tallied it all up and Talon got all 6 burger's correct.  He was the Burger King!!  Most of us got about 3 correct. 
I was the fry queen with 4 fries out of six correct. 
It was fun to do this challenge and we also got dinner out of it.  We actually got two burgers from each place and after we did the taste test, we cut the other burgers and ate them too.  We all decided that the weirdest burger to taste blindfolded was the one from Wendy's.  No one really liked it as we were tasting it.  The favorite burger of most (except me) was Carls Jr.'s burger.  The easiest fries to identify were Mc Donalds. 

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