Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas is here, bringing good cheer!

 Our December was filled with the Christmas spirit.  We started off by hosting a progressive dinner for Enrichment.  The theme was Angel's Among us and I found these cute little angels that we mass produced.  We made 200 of them for the women to take home and as gifts from the RS.  I hosted dessert at my house and that is where we had the angel's set up. 
 But we started off at Andrea's house for Cesar Salad and angel hymn and story. 
 Then off to Amelia's for Angel hair pasta and rolls and marinara and alfredo sauce, and angel hymn and an angel story. 
 Finishing at my house with angel food cake with strawberries, whip cream and a mint sprig, an angel hymn and an angel story (Mikel did the angel story at our house.). 
One Sunday evening, we went to the Cactus Garden at Ethel M's.  Mikel had never been before.  It was beautiful and festive.
 I wanted to try some bokeh photography with my tree lights and so I took some pix of some decorations we had. 

 I love how they all turned out and I had fun editing them too!

 Pixie week was Wed, Thur, Fri and we gave these little gift jars.  The first night the snowman, the second night, the Santa believe jar,
 and the M and M's the third night. 
 I got these from my visiting teachers.
 This is what we got from our Pixie's the Hills.  The first night Taz was determined to catch them because it was the only night he was going to be home.  He opened the front window and sat on the chair by the door.  He was going to hear them if they didn't knock.  They finally came at around 8, he went a running and saw no one.  He thought he heard rustling by the bushes in our yard and so he didn't want to play hide and seek, he wanted to he just jogged around the block, sad...
 Popcorn tin night two.
 Book night three.
 Our ward Christmas party was on the theme The gift.  We were asked to bring some wrapped boxes as centerpieces.  Garry, Cynjyn and I wrapped these for our display.  They turned out really beautiful. 
 My Christmas piano recital was December 15, I had 17 students.  I made them little elf jars with M and M's. 
 We had our usual spread, but had to do it in room 1 since it was the singles ward Christmas party. 
 I got these pretty flowers from one of my students.
 I participated in Cannon's spirit week:  Ugly sweater day.

 I wore festive pink elf hat for Christmas head wear day and added a glittery pin to it and wore my two infinity scarves I got from a piano student.

 and wore my elf sweater for extreme Christmas wear day.
 Cynjyn delivered some presents to her friends at school. (Scent pods)
 I made a fuzzy sock cupcake for a girl at school who has type 1 diabetes.  She talks to me every morning and gets sad when Rita brings sugary foods on Friday for the classes as a  treat.  So I made her a "cupcake" for Christmas.  I also made Rita a year of quotes frame where you change out a different quote a month. 
 And lastly, I wore red, white and green on the last day of school as it was spirit day and 6th graders wore green, 7th white and 8th red.  It was such a great Christmas season and I really enjoyed December even though it feels like it flew by. 

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