Friday, December 26, 2014

December's a WRAP!

We got a lot of rain this month. I loved it and it made it feel more like winter.
 I have an obsession with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.  I see more sunrises than sunsets since I walk every morning.  Here are a few I captured on my walks. 
 One day coming home from church, we saw a vertical rainbow.  This was very subtle and went straight up in the air.  No arc.  I loved it. 
 I was taking Cynjyn to school a few days later and there was a vertical cloud.  I had to stop and take a picture of it.  Cynjyn's gets annoyed when I do that (I do it often taking her to school)
This is what a typical evening looks like at our house.  Everyone together, but doing their own things.  Cynjyn got a lot of love on her birthday from friends at school. I am amazed at how thoughtful her friends are to remember her on her special day.  I need to be more like that with my friends.

I saw Dragon fruit at Winco.  I bought it, we tried it, we liked it.
Taz single handedly ate a whole apple pie in a matter of days.  Gotta love him for that.
Garry's sister Ruby and brother in law Mike came into town and we met up with them for a visit.  We took them to dinner at Fiesta buffet. 
Then they came back here and we took some pictures and visited.  Ruby brought a CD with childhood pictures of them that we looked at. 
We hadn't seen them in 13 years.  Cynjyn was about 6 months old last time we were together. 
We vowed to not let that happen again. 
Cynjyn with her after school snack of OLIVES.
Talon turned 25 this year.  Mikel took him ziplining for his birthday.  Then out to Lucille's for dinner.  I bought his favorite ice cream...peppermint crunch for his "cake".  I got him this controller he wanted. 
Danny McCracken came into town from Yakima for a visit.  They all got together here for an evening of catch up.  (Josh Davis, Danny, Grady Thatcher, Sean Borla)
Tanner came home!!!  He arrived December 18th!  We are all happy he's home.  He is too even though it doesn't look like it. 
Taz had an egg drop project due the last day of Christmas break.  He and Garry worked on it over a couple of days.  It survived and he got some extra credit for the most creative design. 

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